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Marisol and Tommaso

Commentary forgot to mention that I was invited to the wedding of Marisol Valero and Tommaso Bassi this past Sunday. It was a very lovely affair and I am glad they included me.

The ceremony and luncheon were held at Brenner’s on the Bayou. The ceremony was also on Facetime for family in Italy and Mexico. It was conducted in English and Spanish. Got it?

Marisol also announced that a little one was on the way.

Now it is on to happily ever after! Congrats to Marisol and Tommaso!

It is not news that Kuffer doesn’t think much of Bill King becoming H-Town Mayor. Here is what Kuffer says about the proposed Houston Metro paln:

All the details, which as Metro Chair Patman notes can and will change as the community dialogue continues, can be found at MetroNext.org. A press release with a link to Patman’s “State of Metro” presentation last week is here. I will of course be keeping an eye on this, and I definitely plan to interview Patman about the referendum once we get a little farther into the year. And let’s be clear, even if I didn’t have other reasons to dislike Bill King, I don’t want him to ever have any power over Metro. If we want to have any shot at having decent transit in this city, he’s the last person we want as Mayor.

Here is all of today’s Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=89000.

On transit, H-Town has done a pretty poor job. Thank goodness for those traffic apps that help you avoid congestion. I could go on and on about lousy transit in H-Town, like not having enough parking spaces at the Metro Rail line stops. At one on the Northside, folks have to park a few blocks away from the station. We can do better, can’t we?

I am not going to spend a lot of time defending Bill King. He’s pretty good at doing that himself. Here is what he tweeted yesterday:

Bill King‏@BillKingHouston 19h19 hours ago


What is the significance of 1/1/2020? That is the day we start the process of dissolving the Uptown TIRZ!

Nothing wrong with having confidence.

It looks like Prop B is coming. Here is from the Chron:

In a statement Tuesday, the police union echoed warnings by Turner that the charter amendment would force hundreds of layoffs if the city is required to implement it.

“While the HPOU feels for the fire employees who may be laid off and the reduction of service to the public, we have done everything in our power to stop the catastrophic effects of Prop B,” the union’s statement reads. “Fire union leaders have said the Mayor is only bluffing and layoffs are a scare tactic. We shall see.”

Asked what he would tell union members if the city lays off hundreds of firefighters, Lancton cast blame on Turner’s administration for being “vindictive and retaliatory,” saying city council and the mayor “will be held accountable for whatever actions they take.”

“We remain committed to sitting here and talking with anybody, any time, any place,” Lancton said, repeating his calls for Turner to return to the bargaining table, where Lancton hopes the two sides can work out a contract that would phase in pay parity, instead of requiring it be implemented in full.

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Judge-dissolves-TRO-blocking-implementation-of-13475185.php.

Want to know what the wild card is on this? Public reaction. Trust me.

No MLB or Astros talk today.


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