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Bryce Harper is a top free agent waiting to be signed. How many times has he had 100 or more RBIs in a season?

There is a lot going on the week before Christmas. I need to start doing my Christmas shopping.  Lot of politics this week.

State Senator-Elect Caro Alvarado will be sworn-in at the State Capitol this Friday at 11 am.

From the Chron E-Board this past Saturday:

[Thumbs up] Houstonians won’t have to wait any longer to get full representation in the state Senate — Carol Alvarado won the District 6 special election without needing a runoff, saving everyone a good deal of time and money. But the 2018 midterms aren’t quite over. Now begins the race to fill Alvarado’s former seat in the state House.

[Thumbs down] That state Senate race had the lowest turnout for a special election since at least 1996, with an unofficial count of 15,084 voters.

From Kuffer:

We should expect Sen.-elect Carol Alvarado to submit her resignation this week, once the election results in SD06 are certified. My guess is that Greg Abbott will schedule both elections for the same day, probably in mid to late January. Assuming the need for runoffs, the new members in HDs 79 and 145 will be seated by early March or so. For the record, since I know you’re wondering, Hillary Clinton won HD79 68.0% to 26.5%, and won by 66.8% to 28.7% in HD145. Wendy Davis carried HD79 by 58.5% to 39.3%, and HD145 by 57.2% to 40.8%. I can imagine a Republican making it to a runoff in those districts, but winning would be very unlikely. And before anyone mentions SD19, Hillary Clinton carried it 53.4% to 41.9%, while Wendy Davis actually lost it, 49.1% to 49.0%. These districts are much bluer than SD19. (Beto won HD145 by a 70.9% to 28.3% clip; I don’t have the data for El Paso.)

Here is Kuffer’s take: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=88967

Commentary doesn’t have much to add on the #TXHD145Special.


I have something to say about the following from Kuffer:

There was a time when I had respect for King’s fiscal conservatism. I didn’t agree with him, but he had a plan that he clearly articulated and seemed to believe in, and he repeated it often enough to make you think it might work. Then he supported Prop B, which demonstrated how little he actually meant any of it. But it was a bright shiny opportunity for him, so he took it. Gotta have something to run on now that pension reform has been done, I guess. On the plus side, the presence of Tony Buzbee means he has a chance to not be the worst candidate in the race.

Here is Kuffer again: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=88948.

So, the Chron E-Board says this today:

The crystal ball in Times Square is still weeks away from its annual New Year’s Eve descent, but it’s already starting to feel like 2019 at Houston’s City Hall.

With his formal filing of campaign paperwork, Bill King has unofficially kicked off municipal election season. King, the former mayor of Kemah, barely lost to Sylvester Turner in the 2015 election and is setting up voters for a rematch. He’s joined by millionaire lawyer Tony Buzbee in challenging Turner.

While he didn’t win, King’s campaign — and his specific focus on pension reform — helped shape the agenda for the eventual winner. Now, thanks to Turner’s advocacy and political acumen in Austin, our public pensions are on a path to fiscal responsibility.

Here is all of the E-Board take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Houston-s-2019-election-season-unofficially-13470882.php.

If Bill does make this race, I suspect he will again drive a big part of the discussion during this election. Say what you want about Bill and Prop B, but he did end up on the side of 60% of the voters. It was considerably higher among African American and Latino voters. Commentary always respects the voters and they pretty much made it clear that they want out Firefighters taken care of.  Commentary will say it again.  The voters, Bill King and Kuffer didn’t create the Prop B mess.  Like it or not.

A ton of H-Town City Hall pundits underestimated Bill three years ago. I wonder how serious these same pundits will take Bill this time?

From the Chron this past weekend on HISD:

Some local officials, including Mayor Sylvester Turner, have expressed dismay at the idea of the state’s Republican-leaning government taking control of HISD, where all nine elected school board members are Democrats. School board members also have argued HISD does not need state takeover, pointing to successful efforts to reduce the number of “improvement required” schools and navigate significant budget cuts.

And this:

One of the Houston area’s longer-serving elected Republicans, Harris County Treasurer and two-time mayoral candidate Orlando Sanchez, also called Friday for state intervention in HISD. Sanchez implored state legislators and the Texas Education Agency to take responsibility for HISD, urging them to replace the district’s school board and devote more resources to low-performing campuses.

Here is the entire Chron take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Houston-leaders-dismayed-by-HISD-board-vote-13468000.php.

I like my pal, soon-to-be former Harris County Treasurer Orlando, but this is the first time I have ever heard him give a take on HISD.

On a related note, I heard and laughed this past weekend that some folks were going to make a push in the upcoming legislative session for the creation of 4 at-large seats to the HISD Board. All that will do is add 4 more Dems to the Board. Oh, well.

This past season Bryce Harper had 100 RBIs of course – first time he’s had triple digit RBIs in a season.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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