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Commentary has no idea what the point is in creating a fake State Senator-Elect Carol Alvarado twitter account.

Very few folks in H-Town have as much experience as Commentary on working toward H-Town Latino political empowerment. Janie and Frumencio Reyes are two I would point out. It is going to feel real good come January when Lina Hidalgo becomes Harris County Judge, Sylvia Garcia becomes a member of Congress, Carol Alvarado will be a State Senator, and Adrian Garcia will be Harris County Commissioner. Plus, we already have Ed Gonzalez as our Harris County Sheriff.

That’s five Latinos in key positions in state, federal and local government. Our Big Cinco you could say.  We can say our efforts our paying off.  We can also say thank to #BetoForTexas.  Not bad at all, but we’re not done.

We need to continue to keep building on this. We don’t have time to rest on our laurels.

During the #TXSD6Special, it really irked Commentary when folks said there were two good choices. Nope! I read it among bloggers and newsies, including the Chron E-Board. Voters didn’t buy this line. Here are some interesting examples:

State Reps. Armando Walle and Mary Ann Perez were huge backers of State Rep. Ana Hernandez.   In Rep. Walle’s home precinct, it was 62 votes for Rep. Carol Alvarado and 31 for Rep. Hernandez, 23 for Martha Fierro. In Rep. Perez’s home precinct, 122 for Alvarado, 75 for Fierro, and 26 for Hernandez (third place). In Hernandez’s home precinct, Hernandez 54, Alvarado 49, and Fierro 14. In Alvarado’s home precinct, Alvarado 273, Hernandez 82, Fierro 45.

Of the precincts where Alvarado had 100 or more votes, one stood out in my book. Precinct 497 up I-69 just below the beltway that includes a neighborhood called Carol Place – I kid you not – Alvarado 104, Hernandez 12, Mia Mundy 5, Fierro 1. That’s 85% for Alvarado in Precinct 497.

Out of 15,276 votes cast, Alvarado led Hernandez by 3,932 votes.

A strong performance by Alvarado.  Every now and then, the voters know better than the pundits and newsies.

This is from today’s Chron:

Bill King, a Houston businessman who narrowly lost his bid for mayor in 2015, filed paperwork with the city secretary Wednesday marking his likely intent to challenge Mayor Sylvester Turner again in 2019.

King lost to Turner, then a state representative, in a runoff decided by about 4,000 votes, or 1.9 percentage points, out of more than 212,000 ballots cast.

Though King’s filing of a campaign treasurer’s report does not lock in his candidacy, he said in an interview that he is “leaning heavily” toward running.

“I’ve been watching City Hall for 40 years, and this is the most corrupt administration I’ve seen,” King said.

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Bill-King-files-paperwork-to-run-for-Houston-mayor-13460669.php.

Charlie Morton won’t be wearing an Astros uniform this year.


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