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38 years-ago this past Saturday, John Lennon was murdered in New York City.  I remember that night.

State Rep. Carol Alvarado was endorsed by the Harris County Tejano Democrats this past Friday night. Nice!

Commentary received this email this past Friday afternoon:

Due to the threat of Severe Flooding the Early Voting Site at Ripley House Will Close at 5 pm

 Houston, TX – Due to the threat of severe flooding, the early voting site at Ripley House, 4410 Navigation Boulevard, Houston, TX 77011, for the State Senate District 6 Special Election, will close at 5 pm. The neighborhood where the early voting site is situated is afflicted by major flooding whenever there is heavy rain.

Voters residing in and around the Second Ward neighborhood who want to vote early this evening are advised to go to the County Attorney Conference Center located at 1019 Congress in downtown Houston. It is the nearest early voting site to Ripley House. Voters may find the complete early voting schedule at www.HarrisVotes.com.

All other early voting locations will remain open until 7 p.m. Today is the last day to vote early in the State Senate District 6 Special Election. Election Day is Tuesday, December 11.

This is absolutely BS!

State Rep. Carol Alvarado, the Alvarado Campaign Manager, and Commentary all made phone calls trying to keep Ripley House open.

The Elections Division folks blamed BakerRipley. The BakerRipley folks blamed the Elections Division folks running the election at Ripley House.

The Carol Alvarado campaign stationed a poll worker at the front of the Ripley House polling location to redirect Early Voters to HCC Southeast or Moody Park.

It has been determined that there were some voters who did show up at Ripley House after 5 pm who were not allowed to vote. That is a real shame. Thanks to BakerRipley or the Elections Division folks, some voters were disenfranchised.

Commentary is hoping the new folks coming in to run Harris County government will look into what happened.  If in fact the folks who were running the election at Ripley House were to blame, then they should never be allowed to work in a local election again. If BakerRipley is to blame, then they need to hold the person or persons responsible accountable. This is certainly out of character for BakerRipley.

The email that was sent out Friday afternoon went to a pretty extensive list. The Carol Alvarado Campaign was the only one to raise hell on this. Come on folks! Get out of your comfort zone. One disenfranchised voter is one too many. In this case there were a few.

I was watching “What’s Your Point” on Fox26 yesterday morning and at the end of the show, Bill King said he was leaving the program because he was going to be preoccupied with another project. He is running for H-Town Mayor.

Election Day for the #TXSD6SpecialElection is tomorrow.

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