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H-Town and 41

Commentary knows it is a logistics thing, but it would have been nice to have the tribute to 41 tonight four blocks north where his statue stands. Just saying.

41 and the former First Lady were regulars at The Yard. They would sit in the Diamond Level seats. They were also regulars on the KissKam. When they would get up to leave the game, the fans around that seating section would always get up and give them a standing ovation. It was always nice.

They had their favorite restaurants and grocery store. I met them through my pal Drayton in the Diamond level at the Astrodome. I once ran into the former First Lady in the 1990s at the now gone Cineplex Odeon on Augusta.

41 will be taken to DC today and he will return to H-Town Wednesday night and buried in College Station on Thursday.

H-Town was fortunate to have a former President and former First Lady to be residents and neighbors for the past 26 years. It was kind of special. Now that is gone.

41 rightfully gets credit for putting together the Desert Storm coalition and he did the right thing by not going into Bagdad. He doesn’t get credit but should for negotiating NAFTA. NAFTA was approved a year after he left office. It certainly had an impact on the Texas economy.

Looking at the remaining schedule, the Texans could certainly be 13-3 heading into the playoffs. 41 would certainly be excited about that.


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