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National Joke

GOP U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan has been giving some farewell interviews the last couple of days. He says history will be kind to this Congress. Nope, buddy! Ryan will go down in history as one of Donald Trump’s punks – period. He is a national joke in my book today.

The latest has Trump calling his former personal lawyer a liar. We all agree that Trump is a huge liar. This will continue until GOP leaders in Congress stop letting Trump get away with telling lies. Maybe a Dem controlled House will come up with a strategy that backs GOP House members into a corner where they have to respond. Just maybe.

I was emailed this a few days ago:

During the Nov, 6th, 2018 election in City of Houston, Prop B won by an overwhelming margin. Below are the percentages and total votes cast in District H, I, and E.

District H —–  Total Votes FOR Prop B  —–   20,949 YES Votes  —- Won District by 64%

District I —–  Total Votes FOR Prop B ——- 18,983  YES VOTES  —- Won District by 70%

District E —– Total Votes FOR Prop B —— 36,975  YES Votes —— Won District by 61%

Pretty strong numbers if you ask Commentary and thanks for asking.

Votes of color were certainly behind Prop B.

Go vote early in the #TXSD6Special!

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