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Alex Bregman played in the most games for the Astros this past season, playing in 157 games. Who came in at number 2 in games played for the Astros this past season?

Kuffer has a take today on Mary Flood’s Op-Ed on how we pick out judges. Here is from Kuffer:

Author Mary Flood is a friend and a person of wisdom, but I do not agree with her proposal. I’ve addressed this a bunch of times, and my position hasn’t changed. Making judicial elections non-partisan removes information from voters, while incentivizing groups with a direct stake in the outcome of these elections, from plaintiffs’ lawyers to bail bondspeople to evildoers like Empower Texans to influence the vote, by which I mean “spend a lot more money than they do now to get judges they like elected”. You may say that it would be all right if the less-informed voters choose not to vote in these elections. I will say that encouraging people to not vote doesn’t sound like democracy to me.

If we must get rid of partisan elections, the only option that makes sense to me is an appointment system. If we’re going to go down that road, we’d damn well better engineer it in a way that doesn’t grant an excessive amount of power to any individuals or groups, does promote merit and diversity, and still allows for a way to oust someone who becomes a problem. I get that there are problems with the system we have. I’m sorry that some good judges will leave the bench, even as I voted against them. But until those who have been airing their complaints about this system come forward with a better one, I will continue to oppose any changes.

The big law firms would weigh in huge on appointments.

Commentary is for the voters making the picks through the current system. If someone wants to run for judge, they can file to run in a political party that celebrates diversity or file in a political party that doesn’t. That makes the choice easy for a ton of voters.

Commentary had the game on yesterday when “The Lion King” chant started playing and they showed a lion cub and I thought WTF, they are making a movie from the cartoon and it also stars Beyoncé!  America exploded on twitter. I hope they don’t mess  up the remake.

I also had the Macy’s Parade on while I was doing laundry and I must have missed the same sex couple kiss during the performance from the new Broadway musical “The Prom.” Same sex marriage is the law of the land and I guess some folks still can’t handle it. I saw on twitter that some wanted NBC to give a warning, so they could take their five-year old kids out of the room. Excuse me while I scratch my head.

I also watched last night an hour long special on the “Mary Poppins” sequel. That was pretty cool.

Marwin Gonzalez came in at number 2 with 145 games played of course.

Marwin won’t be coming back.



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