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55 Years Ago, Today

On this day in 1963, President John F. Kennedy and Frist Lady Jackie Kennedy visited Houston and stayed for about six hours. They dropped in on a LULAC event at the Rice Hotel and attended a Democratic Party fundraiser at the Sam Houston Coliseum honoring Cong. Albert Thomas. Then they flew off to Fort Worth that night.

My Dad was there and saw President Kennedy that evening. I will see my Dad later today and remind him. I remember thinking it was pretty cool that my Dad wasn’t at home that Thursday evening because he was at an event with President Kennedy.

I wonder how many folks are still around who attended any of the events that evening and are still living in Houston.

From Kuffer on the #TXSD6Special:

Candidate Forum for Senate District 6

The special election is set for SD06, for December 11. Four candidates have filed for the seat, and early voting begins this Monday, November 26. That’s not a lot of time to hear from the hopefuls, so those of you in SD06 should take advantage of every opportunity to hear them out. One such opportunity is next Wednesday, November 28, one week from today, at non-profit MECA Houston, 1900 Kane Street just northwest of downtown. Here’s the Facebook event for the forum, which will be from 6:30 to 8 PM on the 28th, and here’s a Google map link to the location. Go hear what the candidates have to say, then make sure you go vote.

I will be there.

At our family Thanksgiving dinners, romaine lettuce isn’t a player. We do salads, but they never include romaine, so we are okay heading into tomorrow.

Pack your patience if you plan to visit Central Market, Spec’s Downtown, Whole Foods, or any of the more popular Kroger or HEB stores today.   You can always wait for tomorrow morning when the traffic is a bit lighter.

Nothing from The Yard today.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day dinner preparation day!


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