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It looks like Marwin Gonzalez will not be on the team roster on Opening Day. How many seasons was he in an Astros uniform?

Here is what Kuffer said about the #TXSD6Special:

See here for the background. Mostly what this means is that there will probably be a runoff. I will note that in the last special election for SD06, held in January of 2013 following the death of Sen. Mario Gallegos, the two Republicans in the seven-candidate field combined for nine percent of the vote. Assuming the other Dem gets a point or two, a similar performance here would mean that one of Carol Alvarado or Ana Hernandez would have to beat the other by at least ten points to get to fifty percent, and I don’t expect that to happen. You never know, and this is a very short turnaround – early voting begins November 26, the Monday after Thanksgiving – so look for things to proceed at a breakneck pace. I don’t think I’ll have time for interviews, but if it does go to a runoff I’ll aim for that. And once we have a winner, we will almost certainly need to have a special election in either HD143 or HD145 to succeed her. It’s the circle of life. Good luck to the candidates. The Chron has more.

There are four candidates in the race and all are women.

Early Voting in Person starts next Monday and there are nine Early Voting locations.

My 95-year old Dad dropped by the HQ on Friday and assembled yard signs. So far, he’s the oldest volunteer in the #TXSD6Special – or is he?

Let’s see what happens today.

Marwin Gonzalez of course wore the Astros uniform for seven seasons. That’s 2012-2018.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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