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Jose Altuve picked up his 5th Silver Slugger Award yesterday.  Who was the 1st Astro to ever win a Silver Slugger Award?

Commentary was going to talk about the Harris County precinct-by-precinct returns today but they are not on the HarrisVotes website this morning.  What I do remember from checking them yesterday was Commentary’s precinct went solidly for #BetoForTexas and split on Prop B.   In a couple of hardcore Latino precincts in the East End, #BetoForTexas racked up 80% plus and Prop B was winning big.

This is hilarious from the Chron today:

In response to questions about no elected Republicans left on Harris County benches, Paul Simpson, Chairman of the Harris County GOP, released a broad statement that he was mad and determined.

“I am mad. Mad at the avoidable losses wreaked across Texas by the Beto wave of straight-ticket votes,” he said. “That straight-ticket wave turned Fort Bend County Democrat, defeated Republicans on appellate courts across Texas, elected Democrats across the state to Congress and the Legislature, and swept every countywide vote in Harris County.”

This fella is not going to listen to Commentary, but Harris County is the most diverse place in the solar system, stop spewing hate or get used to getting your arses kicked.

BTW:  The GOP supported getting rid of straight ticket voting but on the local GOP website, voters were urged to vote straight ticket GOP.  Shameless in my book.

Then this tweet:

Patrick Svitek‏ @PatrickSvitek 1h1 hour ago
From today’s Blast — @DanPatrick in intvu w/ @AlexSamuelsx5, on Emmett saying he’d vote for Collier: “That probably cost him his race because thousands of Republicans were very unhappy with him. We were trying to promote straight-ticket, and he wouldn’t promote straight-ticket.”

Yeah, sure.

The fella who help kill straight ticket, promoting straight-ticket.  Did Commentary say shameless?

This is disturbing from today’s Chron’s Editor:

In September, I informed our readers of the troubling allegation that a veteran political reporter, Mike Ward, had fabricated individuals for a story published earlier this summer. I promised a thorough investigation of Ward’s work and that I would share the results with our readers. Today’s story by David Wood, whom we hired as a freelance investigative reporter, details our findings.

As a result of this investigation, the Houston Chronicle is retracting eight stories written by Ward. In each case, the story’s premise was based on sourcing we cannot confirm. We are correcting an additional 64 stories, each of which had at least one unconfirmed source but whose premise did not rest on an unconfirmed source.

These are challenging times for our country, and for journalism. That makes it all the more important that readers trust that we will ferret out the truth, even if it concerns ourselves.

I wonder if Alison Cook is really eating at the fancy restaurants?

Do I get a partial refund on my subscription for reading the made-up stories?

Dickie Thon and Jose Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuzz of course were the first Astros to win Silver Slugger Awards in 1983.

I wonder what the Opening Day lineup will look like?

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