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Straight Ticket Dummies

Lance McCullers, Jr. had surgery a couple of days ago and won’t pitch next season. How many postseason wins does he have as a pitcher?

As the 2020 Dem Presidential Primary is fixing to kickoff, let me just say the following. I hope our Dem nominee ends up being someone younger than Commentary – period.

Commentary doesn’t like to brag, but a couple of weeks ago I participated on a pre-election panel sponsored by the Houston Apartment Association. I was asked how well #BetoForTexas would have to do in Harris County for County Judge Ed Emmett not to survive? I said 56%. #BetoForTexas got close to 58%.

This past Sunday morning, I was on Fox 26’s “What’s Your Point” and I was asked about Harris County voting. I said the only question remaining was would Judge Emmett and County Commissioner Jack Morman survive.

I wonder if the Chron E-Board knows that 77% of Harris County voters chose to vote the straight ticket this past Tuesday. Commentary was one of them. We are not ignorant and lazy voters.

For me it is Degüello baby. No quarter. Take no prisoners.

The GOP is led by a racist.   And nearly every GOP elected official and candidate refuses too stand up to and call out this racist. They only do it when they decide not to run for reelection. They are all complicit in my book. It is an easy call, not a lazy call.

Here is from the Chron E-Board today:

The perils of straight-ticket voting were on full display Tuesday in Harris County.

Longtime County Judge Ed Emmett, a moderate Republican who’s arguably the county’s most respected public official, was ousted by Lina Hidalgo, a 27-year-old graduate student running her first race. She is bright, determined and obviously fearless. She’s also got her work cut out for her as the chief executive-elect of a county more populous than 26 states. We hope she succeed,s but residents can be forgiven for being squeamish about how Hidalgo will lead the county and, by extension, the region’s 6 million people, through the next hurricane.

And this:

This is the price we pay for the drive-thru convenience of straight-ticket voting. Of course, this year it wasn’t just about convenience. People were fed up. In Harris, a large urban county that leans Democratic, the frustration produced a blue wave locally.

And this:

The historic turnout in the midterms was inspiring, but we can’t lose sight of the point of these elections. It’s not merely to win. It’s to pick good, capable people to be our voice in Austin, in Washington and over on county commissioner’s court.

We should choose our spokespeople carefully. Voting is a right. Voting well is our civic responsibility.

I can’t decide if what the E-Board put out today is funny, alarming or dangerous. It certainly is offensive and disrespectful.  I don’t need to be lectured on civic responsibility because I vote in every election.

What is wrong with 77% of voters going to the polls with the intent to only support candidates from a particular party. Do they think that eliminating straight ticket voting is going to result in a different outcome? How do they know we are not going to stay in the voting booth a little longer and vote for all of our party’s candidates.

77% don’t know how to vote, I guess. Or 77% are voting the wrong way.

Well, the E-Board will get their wish in 2020.

The rest of us will just have to pack a lunch when we go to the polls.

Royko sent me this yesterday:

Tony Sanchez, and now the Anglo candidate of white privilege who prefers a Spanish alias, learned you can’t buy the elections in Texas.

Harris County?

Lance McCullers, Jr, won Game 3 of the 2017 World Series of course.

I got news for all those in an angst mood over how we pick our judges. There is not a better way. If you put them on a different non-partisan election day, then only the huge law firms will participate. You get the picture?

That’s all I have to say

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