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Thank You, #BetoForTexas

When the Harris County Early Vote totals came in last night, Commentary thought Harris County Judge Ed Emmett’s 6,000 vote lead would hold. Same thing for Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman’s 4,000 vote lead. I didn’t expect 352,487 Election Day voters.

In the farewell Straight Ticket Vote election, Harris County voters sent a big F-U gift to the local GOP.

Straight ticket Dems: 511,282. Straight ticket GOP: 408,413. That’s a record spread of 102,869. Hasta la vista, baby!

A Dem majority on the Commissioners Court. And all three Dems are folks of color.

Latinos won’t be screwed on Commissioners Court redistricting in 2021. That’s for sure.

Harris County government is now led by a Latina. Show her respect, please. Don’t judge her by her age, color of her skin, gender, or where she was born. She has yet to serve a day in office.

BTW: Hunker down in Spanish is “agacharse.” Now you know.

We are sending a Latina Dem to Congress. Now that’s historic. Major congrats to Sen. Sylvia Garcia.

We picked up two State House seats in Harris County.

We won #TXCD7.

We swept all countywide races including County Clerk and District Clerk.

The #BlueWave was local for sure.

I’ll take Dems controlling the U.S. House of Representatives any day.

Same for picking up 2 Dem State Senators and 12 Dem State Reps in Texas.

Ditto for 2 Congressional seats.

Next door, the Fort Bend County DA will now be a Dem.

H-Town Firefighter Marty Lancton has to be feeling pretty good this morning.

Finally, a huge thank you Cong. Beto O’Rourke who was the fuel and energy for Dem gains made in Texas and Harris County. It would not have been done without his leadership and effort.   Never forget #BetoForTexas in 2018. It was certainly worth the fight.


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