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Sorry for the delay. Commentary was out at some polls this morning.   Got rained on.   There were some lines of voters at a few voting locations.

I filled out my Roundtable’s Election Pool and I went #BlueWave. I have not seen any data points that says there won’t be one. More younger voters. More Latinos. Way more Latinas. Extraordinary high mid-term turnout. No one has produced pro GOP data points.

Donald Trump thinks going anti-Brown folks will do it for him again. Like former Bill Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart said on CNN this morning, Hillary Clinton isn’t on the ballot this election, so there is no foil.

The Baytown Sun said that Lina Hidalgo wasn’t qualified or something like that and County Judge Ed Emmett’s mouthpiece said he was glad somebody finally said that. Funny, Judge Emmett’s never said that.

Some folks won’t be surprised if Judge Emmett is a goner this evening.

Some folks are saying that the new #BetoForTexas voters are just going to vote for #BetoForTexas and skip all the other races. Nope! That’s not what the #BetoForTexas campaign is all about.

Commentary is a little disappointed that the CNN Dem talking heads haven’t predicted a #BlueWave or something like that. They have been cautious in my opinion.

Let’s hope the new way we get Harris County results works OK.

Heck. Just go vote!

#BlueWave, baby!

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