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4 Days

How many Astros pitchers had base hits this past season?

With 4 days until Election Day, it’s still health care versus Brown people are bad. Just saying.

Commentary pretty much respects the political scientists and GOP political consultants that are interviewed by the media. However, they are kind of slacking it these days. This year, when analyzing what is going on between #BetoForTexas and Sen. Ted Cruz, they have to tell us more than this is red state Texas so blah, blah, blah. Nope. Not when you have the latest polling within the margin of error and not when you see who is voting and how many folks are voting. Maybe the media ought to start talking to folks who are pouring over the numbers.

Commentary has lived through a number of U.S. Senators from Texas like Sens. Ralph Yarborough, Lloyd Bentsen, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, John Tower, Bob Krueger (briefly), Phil Gramm, and John Cornyn. None of them would say something so clownish or hateful like what fell out of Sen. Cruz’s mouth. See this from the Statesman:

At a rally Thursday at the MK Brown Civic Center in Pampa, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, repeated a story that has become a part of his standard stump speech the last week on the campaign trail:

“You know there’s a joke that’s making the rounds on the internet, about this so-called caravan that’s marching north in Mexico. It’s an open letter to the men and women of the caravan and it says, `Dear Members of the Caravan: Please be advised, we have identified homes for you that are willing to take you in. These homes have volunteered to give you a place to stay, to give you food, to give you health care. You don’t have to work for any of it. Each of these homes has helpfully self-identified by placing a small black and white Beto sign in the front yard. And when you get there, just kick the door down. They don’t believe in walls, Let yourself in. Make yourself at home.”

In the closing days of his closer-than-expected re-election race against U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-El Paso, Cruz is depending on fear of the migrant caravan and anxiety about border security to carry him across the finish line against a congressman who lives along a border he considers a strength to be celebrated and not a threat to be militarized.

No respect for Texans who are involved in the political process or the refugees who are struggling. What a worm. This fella isn’t worthy. Absolutely no class.

Here in Harris County, after Day 11, 670,212 have Voted Early in Person.

In 2016, the entire total was 882,580.

In 2014, the entire total was 307,280.

We are at 76% of the 2016 Early Vote in Person turnout and 218% of 2014. Care to guess where we end up?

105,005 Voted in Person on the final EV day in 2016.  Now you know.

Commentary is feeling it. The blue I mean.

Charlie Morton and Justin Verlander of course each got a base hit this past season.

Yesterday was the first anniversary of the team winning the World Series. Oh, well.

Go vote early today, please.

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