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Working Strategy

Hall of Fame great Willie McCovey left us yesterday. He had 521 career dingers. How many dingers did he hit off of the Colt 45s/Astros?

With 5 days until Election Day, it’s still health care versus Brown people are bad. Just saying.

Here in Harris County, after Day 10, 605,869 have Voted Early in Person.

In 2016, the entire total was 882,580.

In 2014, the entire total was 307,280.

We are at 69% of the 2016 Early Vote in Person turnout and 197% of 2014. Care to guess where we end up?

The weather kind of put a damper on turnout yesterday. Today and tomorrow should be good turnout days.

From Day 1, the #BetoForTexas strategy has been centered on getting out new voters and the voters who rarely show up to the polls. If they would have just focused on getting out the Dem base, the race would have over months ago. Commentary thinks the #BetoForTexas strategy is working. Check this from the Trib:

Asked Wednesday afternoon by a reporter how many resources he has to get out the vote, O’Rourke replied, “A lot.”

“Though we haven’t taken a dime from a single PAC, we’ve been very fortunate the number of Texans who stepped forward — five, ten, 15 bucks at a time — they are funding the largest field program that you’ve ever seen in this state,” O’Rourke said, speaking with the media after a campaign stop in Austin. “In every one of the 254 counties, we’re knocking on doors — more than a million dollars knocked on just since the get-out-the-vote effort started in mid-October. We may do a million more before this is all said and done on the 6th of November. So that money is going to support people talking to people, and those people deciding the election of our lifetime.”

Like I said, the strategy is working.

Local attorney Tony Buzbee said yesterday he will be running for H-Town Mayor. See this from the Chron’s Mike Morris:

(Mayor Sylvester) Turner, asked for his reaction to Buzbee’s announcement after Wednesday’s regularly scheduled city council meeting, said, “I don’t even know who he is. Next question,” then laughed.

And this:

He has become a fundraising powerhouse for candidates and causes he backs, hosting a fundraiser for President Trump at his River Oaks mansion, as well as a 2014 gathering in support of Adrian Garcia’s 2015 mayoral bid. Garcia, a Democrat, now is running to unseat Harris County Commissioner Jack Morman.

After Garcia was eliminated in the mayor’s race, Buzbee hosted a fundraiser for Turner ahead of his December runoff election that year against Bill King. He said Turner’s tenure has disappointed him, however.

I don’t know if this fella will end up running. One thing is for sure, he will spend the entire campaign ‘splaining why he had Trump at his crib.

Willie McCovey had 44 dingers off of Colt 45s/Astros pitchers of course. McCovey Cove next to AT&T Park is named for the great.

Catcher Brian McCann isn’t coming back. Your guess is as good as mine as to who will be our Opening Day catcher.

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