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It Was Ugly

Name the Astro with the most RBIs in the 2018 postseason?

Commentary is thinking the #BetoForTexas second guessers are happy that #BetoForTexas was aggressive last night and that he finally has a TV ad where he takes a shot at Sen. Ted Cruz.

Chron columnist Erica Grieder has a good piece today on #BetoForTexas not sharing his dough. Go get a hard copy and check it out.

Today, the Chron E-Board endorsed 8 Dems for county court judgeships and 6 GOPers for county court judgeships.

Early Voting in Person starts in five days. Do folks have any idea how Prop B will play out? More and more people I have talked to are not very happy about having to choose between the Firefighters and the fiscal situation. Folks feel like they have been thrown into the middle of this. They are just saying.  Can’t blame them.

The folks who run the Astros are smarter than Commentary. That doesn’t mean they always make the right moves. Commentary would have kept Dallas Keuchel in to start the sixth. They brought in Joe Smith, who wasn’t on the ALDS roster, and we saw what happened. Bringing in Roberto Osuna in the eighth was plain dumb. He is our closer. The Skipper made a couple of bonehead moves last night for sure.

Commentary has mentioned the baseball gods before. Maybe we kind of paid a price last night for trading for Osuna – just maybe.

Last night was ugly, ugly, ugly!

Marwin Gonzalez of course leads the Astros with 8 RBIs.

A 7:30 pm start. We kind of have our backs to the wall. This isn’t do or die, but a win is a must.

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Share This!

You should know this one. Name the MLBer who has drawn the most walks in the 2018 postseason?

This is from Barzini in “The Godfather”:

Times have changed. It’s not like the Old Days, when we can do anything we want. A refusal is not the act of a friend. If Don Corleone had all the judges, and the politicians in New York, then he must share them, or let us others use them. He must let us draw the water from the well. Certainly he can present a bill for such services; after all… we are not Communists.


Remember when Texas Dems used to complain because Texas was used as an ATM machine by Dems from outside of Texas? Now #BetoForTexas is raising tons of money and some folks want him to share his take with other candidates and campaigns. Nope! All of his money needs to stay in Texas. Sorry, but that’s an easy one.

Donald Trump will hold a rally for Sen. Ted Cruz at NRG Arena that holds 8,500 folks.

Willie Nelson held a concert for #BetoForTexas and 50,000 showed up but who is counting?

The Trump rally is next Monday, October 22. Thank you, Trump and Sen. Cruz for getting our Dem folks revved up on the first day of Early Voting in Person here in the H-Town area.

NRG Arena is owned by Harris County. I am betting that Judge EdEmmett will not be there.

Today, the Chron E-Board endorsed the Dem candidate for Texas AG and the Dem candidate for TXCD#2.

The HISD Trustees apologized yesterday in a sort of united front. I guess that is a good thing. Your guess is as good as mine as to where this thing is headed.

Some local media folks didn’t like the fact that they didn’t take questions yesterday. And risk shattering the united front?

Alex Bregman of course has 10 walks to lead all MLBers in the 2018 postseason.

It is a 4 pm start at The Yard this afternoon.

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Name the MLB club with the 2018 postseason highest batting average.

Commentary is not going to say much on the HISD stuff other than to say how can anyone claim this was a good outcome when the on-again interim superintendent doesn’t have the confidence of the majority of the trustees and now you can throw in another major segment of the community doesn’t have confidence. Spare us the sugarcoating job, please!

On this “when they go low, we go high or kick them” deal. Just remember, if a White Dem leader had said “kick them”, it would not have been a story. You get the picture.

Some pundits, bloggers, consultants and media types are starting to second guess #BetoForTexas for not going negative on Sen. Ted Cruz, especially after he hauled in $38 million in the latest reporting period. Commentary is not going to join in and second guess.

From the beginning, this campaign has been different. Same for the candidate. I will say it again. Commentary has been involved in Dem Party politics for as long as just about anyone in these parts. I think I said that at that first #BetoForTexas event I attended at the IBEW Hall when he was first getting into the race, of the 500 to 600 folks in attendance, I only saw two other Dems that I knew. I am betting that folks would be surprised if they checked the voting histories of all the folks that have the Beto signs in their yards.

My Dad voted by mail this past weekend. There were 27, yes 27 propositions on his City of Baytown portion of the ballot. Instead of numbered, they were lettered. Yes, there was a Proposition AA. They were mostly city charter language clean-up matters. His mail ballot was three pages long, front and back. And yes, he did vote the straight Dem ticket. I had to go find him a 71-cent stamp to send it back.   Forever hasn’t hit 71 cents yet. Can’t the county send out postage paid return envelopes?

The Chron has an article on Harris County Judge Emmett making an appeal to Dem voters.   Here is the headline:

Ed Emmett aims re-election campaign at Democrats

Here is what he says about his Dem opponent, Lina Hidalgo.

“How on earth would she respond to a hurricane? We don’t know,” Emmett said. “I think I’ve got a very clear record.”

Had enough of Emmett? Condescending is putting it lightly. How did we know how Judge Emmett would respond to a hurricane?   He didn’t exactly come into office from hurricane preparedness school.

She will surround herself with the right folks and will figure out real quick how to say “hunker down” and even in Spanish, “agacharse.”

Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Ed-Emmett-aims-re-election-campaign-at-Democrats-13303712.php?utm_source=chron&utm_medium=linkmodule&utm_campaign=btfpm.

Now that both the Chron E-Board and Judge Emmett have talked down to Lina, the Chron news folks has an article on her and her campaign. Here is a line:

Emmett sought from the start to expose the limits of Hidalgo’s knowledge of county government. He challenged her to name the county auditor (she couldn’t).

Commentary has a confession. I don’t know who the county auditor is either? I am betting neither did Emmett up until around the time he was appointed to his position over a decade ago.   Had enough of Emmett?

Here is more from the article:

“We saw what 40 years of politics does,” she said of her opponent. “(We have) someone who couldn’t figure out we needed flood control until it became an international crisis.”

You can’t argue that.

Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Hidalgo-immigrant-and-first-time-candidate-13303719.php.

On Saturday, the Chron E-Board endorsed 2 Dems for the Texas House and 1 GOPer for the Texas House.

On Sunday, the E-Board endorsed the GOP State Comptroller incumbent and the Dem challenger for State Ag Commissioner.

Today, the E-Board endorsed a Dem for congress, a Dem incumbent for state senate, and a GOP incumbent for state senate.

The Astros of course have a .274 batting average – the tops for the 2018 postseason.

Now it is a best of five series with next/first three at The Yard. Got it?

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Name the MLB team with most dingers in the 2018 postseason?

From the Chron this morning:

Democrat Beto O’Rourke obliterated campaign fundraising records in Texas over the last three months, raising $38 million.

O’Rourke has now raised over $60 million for his campaign against U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz. That is more than any Democratic candidate in the nation running for the Senate, and 70 percent more than Cruz has raised.

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett telling the Chron E-Board he was voting for Dem Mike Collier over Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was a skillful and shrewd political move pure and simple. It is a reminding signal to moderates and independents out there that he is not a GOP right winger. He figures that there are a lot of GOP straight ticket voters out there that he is going to get regardless. He also knows those GOPers who have a problem with him voting against Lt. Gov. Patrick would never vote for a Latina. Oh, yeah, he also just said that this will be his last term in office if he wins.

What? That was my reaction last night when I learned my old pal Abe Saavedra was coming back to serve as HISD Superintendent of Schools. What a move? Payback? Commentary is talking about the move in 1994 when Dr. Rod Paige was named Superintendent of Schools and caught the H-Town Latino leadership flat-footed. Oh, well.

By the way, the five votes for Abe were Trustees Diana Davila, Sergio Lira, Elizabeth Santos, Anne Sung and Holly Flynn Vilaseca.

There never really was a good reason to get rid of Abe back in 2009. Someone I really respect says Abe will probably be able to deal effectively with TEA.

The H-Town Mayor is dipping into his own campaign funds now. I saw a TV ad this morning supporting Prop A and opposing Prop B paid for by the Mayor’s campaign. Got it?   Commentary is seeing more and more For Prop B yard signs in my neighborhood.

The Chron E-Board today endorsed 3 Dems for the Texas House and 1 GOPer for the Texas House.

Attorney Michael Avenatti is coming to H-Town to do an event with the local Dem Party. The local GOP responded by calling Avenatti a “bottom feeder”, I guess because he represents a porn star. Who wants to tell the local GOP about Donald Trump and the porn star?

This is funny from MSN.com:

Ah, the old “trolling your favorite team from your obituary” move. Both an Eagles and Browns fan have pulled it off, and now a member of the Bills Mafia joined in.

Lee Merkel of Raleigh, North Carolina died last week at the age of 83. He grew up in Rochester, New York, which made him a huge Bills fan. From his obituary:

Lee was an avid fisherman and sports enthusiast who had a religious-like devotion to the Syracuse Orange and his beloved Buffalo Bills.

There’s information about where his visitation and funeral would take place, followed by this epic burn of a last line:

Lee has requested six Buffalo Bills players as pall bearers so they can let him down one last time.

That’s funny.

The Dodgers and Astros of course each have 8 dingers in the 2018 postseason.

Let’s go Astros! #NeverSettle!


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Adios, The Roundtable

Name the MLBer with the highest 2018 postseason batting average?

Commentary received this email yesterday:

Last Call at The Roundtable

Alas, after more than 25 years of continuous discussion and debauchery, it’s time for The Roundtable to fade into history.  

No joke:  The Roundtable is closing its last tab.  

We know, we know, the end of an era and all that.  But what started decades ago as a rowdy crowd of occasionally obnoxious reporters, staffers, candidates, consultants, cronies, bagmen and political hangers-on has dwindled to a few diehards tying up a table to the chagrin of under-tipped waiters and bartenders.  And a world that once needed a noisy weekly touchstone for political inside baseball is now flooded with political blogs that serve much the same purpose.  So to paraphrase a certain tricky former president, just think how much you’ll be missing, because you won’t have The Roundtable to kick people in politics around anymore.  

Maybe, if there’s popular demand, we’ll revive the tradition for an occasional special event.  Maybe once in a while we’ll still organize an election pool.  But like a presidential candidate stepping off the stage, we’re suspending our campaign of weekly Wednesday night rallies.  

Thank you, our fellow Americans, for three great decades of political discourse.  God bless America, and God bless Texas.  

Except for Dallas.

Has it been 25 years? I don’t even remember all the places it has been held. Let’s see: La Griglia, River Café, Café Noche, Reef, Farrago, Café Adobe, the place on Westheimer whose name I can’t remember, and I am sure I am missing a few.

Yeah, I went a couple of weeks ago and a “few diehards” in attendance would be an overstatement. Sad. I was looking forward to this year’s election ballot and pool. I think I won the pool in 2006. Oh, well.

The Chron E-Board today endorsed 2 GOPers and 1 Dem for county government positions. Judge Ed Emmett and District Clerk Chris Daniel for reelection and Diane Trautman for County Clerk.

Here is what they said about Dem candidate for County Judge, Lina Hidlago:

As for his Democratic challenger, we were thoroughly impressed that Lina Hidalgo was able to hold her own when the two met side-by-side for their endorsement meeting.

And this:

While she lacks the executive and governmental experience voters should demand in a county judge, we hope to see her remain involved in local politics no matter the outcome.

Thanks for the pat on her head. Hold her own?  Some folks would consider that insulting.

The Chron hard copy has a story on the Commissioner Precinct 2 race but I can’t find it online. The article says the race is competitive. I guess that is why the Commissioner Jack Morman campaign started running negative TV ads against Adrian Garcia this morning.

I saw this tweet yesterday:

rgratcliffe liked

Mizanur Rahman‏Verified account@Mizanur_TX 3h3 hours ago

I was at my daughter’s Girls Scout troop meeting today where they talked about International Day of the Girl which is tomorrow. So the troop leader asked the girls who is going to be the first female president. Several of the girls immediately shouted out, “Me!” #Empowerment

I retweeted this:

Hope it is sooner!

Tuesday’s Game 3 of the ALCS at The Yard starts at 4 pm.

Wednesday’s Game 4 of the ALCS at The Yard starts at 7:30 pm.

Thursday’s Game 5 (if necessary) of the ALCS at The Yard starts at 7 pm.

Got it?

Both the ALCS and the NLCS have two afternoon starts.  Sounds even to me.

MLB wants a cut of all legal betting action on MLB games. Those guys are full of s__t.

Alex Bregman of course has the highest batting average this postseason – .556.

The Red Sox had the best homie record, 57-24 and we had the best roadie record, 57-24.


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Seeing Red Sox

Name the player who hit the most dingers in the 2017 Astros-Red Sox ALDS?

Our first two ALCS games at Fenway this weekend will be on prime time. I know what I am doing Saturday and Sunday nights.

Commentary looked at the H-Town Firefighters’ Prop 4 PAC dollars that were reported yesterday. The Protect Houston folks who are opposing Prop 4 raised $60,000 and change from two donors – the police union and the H-Town Mayor’s Campaign. Those were the only donors they had. The Support H-Town Firefighters raised $76,000 and change from 61 donors including a big chunk from the International Firefighters. The 61 also included various local firefighter associations and individuals. Interesting.

Chron E-Board member Andrea White and attorney Jack Balagia co-authored an Op-Ed today and make an argument for split ticket voting in this year’s election. Here is the headline:

Straight-ticket voting can cause collateral damage [Opinion]

Here is the Op-Ed: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/a-straight-ticket-lever-and-collateral-damage-13293763.php.

Nope! Sorry! I read yesterday where some of the kids snatched at the border will be put up for adoption. Too many GOP folks are silent on this. They were silent when the GOP right wing talking heads mocked Dr. Ford. Why? Because they wanted a Supreme Court justice. They want more federal judgeships. They want tax breaks for billionaires. Nope! They can’t have it both ways. Vote the straight Dem ticket this year in Harris County. No mercy.

The E-Board endorsed 9 GOP candidates for judge today and 4 Dems. Maybe it is time to vote out the E-Board too.

Breitbart tweeted out this yesterday:

Carpetbagging: Eva Longoria Latest Hollywood Elite to Endorse Beto O’Rourke

Then the trolls joined in on the hate of the Corpus Christi native. So much for being a carpetbagger.

Then this tweet:

Fox News‏ @FoxNews 2h2 hours ago


Sen. @ChuckGrassley: “I think with Avenatti’s reputation…that that raised questions about the legitimacy of [Julie Swetnick’s allegations].” #TheStory

Reputation? He helped bring down Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.

Jose Altuve of course had 3 dingers (all in Game 1) in the 2017 ALDS versus the Red Sox.

Weekend baseball at The Yard is over for this season. Games 3, 4 and 5 of the ALCS will be held next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at The Yard. The AL team will host World Series games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, October 23 and 24 and October 30 and 31.

I am ready for Saturday night!


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On to the Weekend

11-3 win was nice. How many other times have the Astros scored more than 11 runs in a game in their playoff history?

John Lennon would be 78 today.

Commentary doesn’t understand the hoopla over Taylor Swift. Are folks really surprised she isn’t siding with the haters?

In today’s hard copy, you can find the E-Board’s endorsement of GOP State Rep. Sarah Davis. If you like Rep. Davis, it is a good read. The E-Board also says her Dem opponent is “not ready for political prime time.” Ouch!

When you go to The Yard to check out the playoffs, by the time you get home and turn on the flat screen, the postgame show is over, so you don’t get to watch guys like The Big Hurt, Big Papi and A-Rod say how good the Astros are.

The Astros are a very good team. Make mistakes like Cleveland made yesterday and the Astros will take advantage and destroy you.

I guess we are going to have to work the next four days.

In the ALCS, I’d like to have home field advantage, so I was rooting for the Yankees last night. I will root for them again this evening, but after last night, we will probably be heading to Fenway this weekend.

In Game 5 of the 2004 NLDS, the Astros beat The ATL, 12-3 and in Game 5 of the 2017 World Series of course, the Astros beat the Dodgers in 10, 13-12.

My favorite moment from yesterday’s game was Carlos Correa going deep in the 8th inning. Let’s hope that’s a sign that he’s back.

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29 Days

Have the Astros ever swept a MLB playoff series?

The folks who are opposed to the H-Town Firefighters’ Prop B tell us they are not against Firefighters but opposed to the fiscal implications of Prop B or something like that. Last night, during the Texans-Cowboys game, they ran a TV ad opposed to Prop B. It was an effective ad and didn’t come across as anti-Firefighter. Commentary can’t say the same thing about the snarky stuff I am seeing on social media. The anti-Prop B stuff I am seeing is coming across as anti-Firefighter pure and simple. That’s too bad. I don’t know if it is a good thing or bad thing that there are only 29 days left of this stuff.

BTW: A pro Prop B mailer landed in my mailbox this past Saturday. It was pretty good. I am also seeing pro Prop B signs in my neighborhood next to Beto signs.

A Saint Arnold at The Yard this season was a pricey $11.25. The post-season price is $14.25. For the extra 3 bucks, you get a “Never Settle” plastic souvenir glass. Oh, well.

Nope, the Astros have never swept a MLB playoff series or course.

It was definitely electric at The Yard this past weekend. It helps when you win.

One thing is for sure. There will be more baseball at The Yard this post-season.

I wonder how many folks will show up at the watch party at The Yard around lunchtime today?

Let’s sweep!

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Defend Gear

Cleveland is in town for two. How many World Series Championships does Cleveland have in their franchise history?

This is a headline in today’s Chron.com:

Kavanaugh says he ‘might have been too emotional’ at hearing

If it was a Ms. Kavanaugh, she would be a goner over the emotional thing. Just saying.

MLB uses the same national PR firm to put out the playoff slogan, but all teams use the same theme. Last year it was “Fly the Pennant.” This year, it is “Defend.”

The Astros are the only team defending the title. They should be the only team to possess “Defend” gear, but hey, they are not going to listen to me. You can get your Defend H-Town shirt if you want.

Defend SoCal is in Dodger blue. Defend Fenway. They gave the Yankees two slogans because they are the Yankees. Defend the Bronx and Unite in the Bronx. Defend Tribe Town – not my fav. Milwaukee also got two. Hey, it’s Bud Selig’s old team. They got Defend MKE (Milwaukee’s Airport handle) and Our Crew, Our October – cute. Defend The ATL. Defend Rocktober – creative.

It is not the same folks. Commentary is talking about #BetoForTexas not going after the public endorsement of President Obama. Some are saying it reminds folks of former H-Town Mayor Bill White snubbing President Obama in 2010 when Bill ran for Texas Governor. In 2010, President Obama was a sitting president. Big difference than Citizen Obama.

Here is from Texas Monthly:

“I don’t think we’re interested [in an endorsement],” Beto O’Rourke said after a town hall at a local high school. “I am so grateful to him for his service, he’s going to go down as one of the greatest presidents. And yet, this [election] is on Texas.”

I am betting that the #BetoForTexas folks and the Obama folks have had a conversation and there are no hard feelings. One of the reasons the #BetoForTexas campaign is doing so well is because it is truly a grassroots campaign and it’s not a DC driven apparatus. You start bringing in national political figures, you risk losing some energy. There is no reason for Dems to pile on.

Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Cruz brought in Trump Junior and someone described the event as a mini-MAGA rally with Sen. Cruz making a cameo appearance.

Yesterday, my iphone gizmo updated and now I can’t ask Siri for the scores while I am driving. What’s up with that?

Cleveland won World Series titles in 1920 and 1948 of course.


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Chron Endorsements

The Yankees and Red Sox will meet in the ALDS. When was the last time the Yankees and Red Sox played each other in the playoffs?

The Chron E-Board rolled out some endorsements today. They endorsed 3 GOP candidates for judgeships and one Dem candidate.

Here are the Chron’s endorsements: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/endorsements/.

E-Board member Andrea White has an Op-Ed in today’s hard copy on their laborious process on screening and endorsing candidates here: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/We-judge-the-Texas-judges-Fifty-to-go-but-13213098.php.

Thanks, but no thanks.

In the 2016 November election, close to 2 out of every 3 Harris County voters voted the straight ticket. Commentary was one of the 2. Last year, the legislature decided that this year will be the last straight ticket voting election. In 2020, I will just hurry down the ballot and punch the candidate with a D by their name. I suspect I will have a lot of company. Some of us don’t like that our right to vote straight ticket was snatched from us by the GOP.

The H-Town Firefighters and the H-Town Mayor will debate Prop B Saturday morning. The event is being sponsored by the local Dem Party. Yesterday, Marty Lancton from the Firefighters sort of accused Dem Party insiders of rigging the debate to give the Mayor an advantage.

There is a story in today’s hard copy of the Chron on the debate and accusations. I was hoping the Chron would have named the insiders. Oh, well.

It is safe to say that the FBI has taken some PR hits the last 19 or so months. It certainly not going to help that they were directed to conduct a supplemental fake investigation of Judge Kavanaugh. What a shame.

In the 2004 ALCS, the Red Sox had that epic comeback to take the Yankees in 7 of course.

This tweet is true:

Alyson Footer‏@alysonfooter 12m12 minutes ago

Thoughts and prayers to the Astros and Indians chances to play any DS games at night.


The defending World Series Champs and the 2016 AL Pennant winners are up against the Red Sox and Yankees.

If you are going to the game tomorrow, consider the Metro Rail. It was free during the playoffs last year. I hope it is free tomorrow.


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