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Prop 2 Campaigns

Name the Astro hitter who struck out the most this past season?

With 6 days until Election Day, it’s health care versus Brown people are bad. Just saying.

Last night, I dropped by Lagers and Legislators, sponsored by Holler Brewing and Craftpac. The event was at Holler Brewing, a few minutes from my place. State Reps. Carol Alvarado and Sarah Davis were the speakers. I learned from Rep. Davis that the first thing she does in the morning is read the Chron, then the Trib, then Kuffer. Now you know.

Here in Harris County, after Day 9, 557,264 have Voted Early in Person.

In 2016, the entire total was 882,580.

In 2014, the entire total was 307,280.

We are at 63% of the 2016 Early Vote in Person turnout and 181% of 2014. Care to guess where we end up?

I wonder if folks will be able to put the pieces back together. Did it really have to come to this? Commentary is talking about the Prop B campaigns. Here is the latest Chron story: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Prop-B-supporters-opponents-make-closing-13349649.php.

Sigh. It has turned bitter. It has been divisive. It is not good for our image. A lot of folks are disappointed that it has come down to this. Sigh.

Marwin Gonzalez of course led the team by striking out 126 times.

I wonder if Marwin is coming back?

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