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Last season, five Astros regulars ended the season batting .300 or above. How many of the Astros regulars ended the season batting .300 or above?

Commentary tweeted out the other day that the Harris County Elections folks had a new look on their website and nobody gave a rat’s arse. Go check out their Election Results / Election Day web page. You will be able to check out which precincts have reported and how they voted. If there are no glitches on Election Night this could be very useful. Cool if it works. I wonder what the #FireStanStanart crowd will think?

Megyn Kelley comes on right after the “Today” and sometimes I don’t change the channel, just so I can see what is going to fall out of her piehole. Yesterday it was defending blackface. I just kind of shook my head and turned off the flat screen. She deservedly got twitter roasted. She later half arse apologized.

Craig Melvin and Al Roker were having none of her half arse apology this morning. Roker said she needed to give a “bigger apology.”

She did this morning.

Maybe that s__t is Ok for Fox news, but not for “Today.”

A lot is being said about Early Vote in Person turnout in Texas and a lot should be said.

Keir tweeted probably the most interesting stat after Day 1 of Early Voting in Person:

15% of Harris County voters yesterday were under age 35, as compared to 8% of the 2014 electorate.

Here in Harris County, after Day 2, 127,969 have Voted Early in Person.

In 2016, the entire total was 882,580.

In 2014, the entire total was 307,280.

We are at 14.5% of the 2016 Early Vote in Person turnout and 41.6% of 2014. Care to guess where we end up?

I read where some analyst ran the numbers for the first day in Texas and found 36% GOPers and 33% Dems. That’s 31% unaccounted for – just saying.

Commentary is going to address campaign signage at the Early Voting locations. Easily a record. So many signs that I don’t think any voter pays attention to any individual sign. Collectively, they do remind folks that this is where they can vote early. So, I guess that is a good thing.

Jose Altuve was the only Astro regular batting .300 or above this season with a .316 clip of course and that is one of the reasons we are not playing in the World Series.

Vote early, please.


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