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Don’t Ask Alice

Who has a better 2018 postseason team batting average, the Dodgers or the Red Sox?

Houston Firefighters were certainly out in force at every Early Voting location yesterday. It looks they will be at all the EV locations over the next couple of weeks. Interesting.

Alice Stewart is a CNN conservative commentator and used to work for Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign. She doesn’t always stick to the GOP talking points. She did miss by a lot last night. Maybe it was because she still like Sen. Cruz. Check her tweets from last night:

Alice Stewart‏@alicetweet 12h12 hours ago

TX is ground zero for @tedcruz & @realDonaldTrump message to pass Kate’s law, end visa lottery & end chain migration. #CruzCrew #GOPUndo


Alice Stewart‏ @alicetweet 12h12 hours ago

Timing is everything – @realDonaldTrump message of caravan, chain migration & build the wall works in TX. #GOP #CruzCrew


Alice doesn’t know what she is talking about. I don’t think Alice has spent a lot of time in Texas lately. She certainly isn’t catching on to what is going on with the #BetoForTexas campaign. Come on! There is a reason Donald Trump was at Toyota last night. Sen. Cruz is in trouble.

I also don’t think that Alice knows that Texas is 42% Anglo, 39% Latino, 13% African American, and 5% Asian American. We are certainly ground zero for diversity.  We are doing our best to rid our state of hate and divisiveness.

Sadly, Alice was sounding like Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick last night.  Don’t ask Alice.

Voter turnout was blowing up across Texas yesterday. I am sure we will know later today, what the voters looked like yesterday.

Commentary was going to tweet a picture of the caravan with a caption along the lines of “heading to the Texas border to vote early”, but I decided against. I don’t have time to deal with haters these days.

In the 2018 postseason, the Red Sox of course are batting .253 and the Dodgers .218.

The World Series starts this evening.

Go vote early, please.


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