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Blown Call

Move over Mike Renfro.

F__k Joe West and f__k MLB!

Because of where I sit at The Yard, I have become way too familiar on what is considered the field of play. Last night I had an angle on the where the ball landed and clearly Mookie Betts’ glove was beyond the field of play and the fan had every right to the ball.

Joe West had absolutely no angle and he guessed wrong – period. I repeat, guessed wrong.

MLB is not going to cut us any slack because they prefer Boston in the World Series. So, our chances on overturning the call on review by the folks in New York were slim.

F__k Joe West and f__k MLB.

The Chron e-Board called out HISD trustee Diana Davila and some of her colleagues today. That’s their right to do so. Funny, though. They have never called out certain trustees for their outrageous behavior. That is chickens__t.

The Chron E-Board today endorsed 8 GOPers for district judgeships and 2 Dems for district judgeships.

No MLB question today.

F__k Joe West and f__k MLB.

7 pm start this evening and it is do or die.

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