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It Was Ugly

Name the Astro with the most RBIs in the 2018 postseason?

Commentary is thinking the #BetoForTexas second guessers are happy that #BetoForTexas was aggressive last night and that he finally has a TV ad where he takes a shot at Sen. Ted Cruz.

Chron columnist Erica Grieder has a good piece today on #BetoForTexas not sharing his dough. Go get a hard copy and check it out.

Today, the Chron E-Board endorsed 8 Dems for county court judgeships and 6 GOPers for county court judgeships.

Early Voting in Person starts in five days. Do folks have any idea how Prop B will play out? More and more people I have talked to are not very happy about having to choose between the Firefighters and the fiscal situation. Folks feel like they have been thrown into the middle of this. They are just saying.  Can’t blame them.

The folks who run the Astros are smarter than Commentary. That doesn’t mean they always make the right moves. Commentary would have kept Dallas Keuchel in to start the sixth. They brought in Joe Smith, who wasn’t on the ALDS roster, and we saw what happened. Bringing in Roberto Osuna in the eighth was plain dumb. He is our closer. The Skipper made a couple of bonehead moves last night for sure.

Commentary has mentioned the baseball gods before. Maybe we kind of paid a price last night for trading for Osuna – just maybe.

Last night was ugly, ugly, ugly!

Marwin Gonzalez of course leads the Astros with 8 RBIs.

A 7:30 pm start. We kind of have our backs to the wall. This isn’t do or die, but a win is a must.

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