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Name the MLB team with most dingers in the 2018 postseason?

From the Chron this morning:

Democrat Beto O’Rourke obliterated campaign fundraising records in Texas over the last three months, raising $38 million.

O’Rourke has now raised over $60 million for his campaign against U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz. That is more than any Democratic candidate in the nation running for the Senate, and 70 percent more than Cruz has raised.

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett telling the Chron E-Board he was voting for Dem Mike Collier over Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was a skillful and shrewd political move pure and simple. It is a reminding signal to moderates and independents out there that he is not a GOP right winger. He figures that there are a lot of GOP straight ticket voters out there that he is going to get regardless. He also knows those GOPers who have a problem with him voting against Lt. Gov. Patrick would never vote for a Latina. Oh, yeah, he also just said that this will be his last term in office if he wins.

What? That was my reaction last night when I learned my old pal Abe Saavedra was coming back to serve as HISD Superintendent of Schools. What a move? Payback? Commentary is talking about the move in 1994 when Dr. Rod Paige was named Superintendent of Schools and caught the H-Town Latino leadership flat-footed. Oh, well.

By the way, the five votes for Abe were Trustees Diana Davila, Sergio Lira, Elizabeth Santos, Anne Sung and Holly Flynn Vilaseca.

There never really was a good reason to get rid of Abe back in 2009. Someone I really respect says Abe will probably be able to deal effectively with TEA.

The H-Town Mayor is dipping into his own campaign funds now. I saw a TV ad this morning supporting Prop A and opposing Prop B paid for by the Mayor’s campaign. Got it?   Commentary is seeing more and more For Prop B yard signs in my neighborhood.

The Chron E-Board today endorsed 3 Dems for the Texas House and 1 GOPer for the Texas House.

Attorney Michael Avenatti is coming to H-Town to do an event with the local Dem Party. The local GOP responded by calling Avenatti a “bottom feeder”, I guess because he represents a porn star. Who wants to tell the local GOP about Donald Trump and the porn star?

This is funny from MSN.com:

Ah, the old “trolling your favorite team from your obituary” move. Both an Eagles and Browns fan have pulled it off, and now a member of the Bills Mafia joined in.

Lee Merkel of Raleigh, North Carolina died last week at the age of 83. He grew up in Rochester, New York, which made him a huge Bills fan. From his obituary:

Lee was an avid fisherman and sports enthusiast who had a religious-like devotion to the Syracuse Orange and his beloved Buffalo Bills.

There’s information about where his visitation and funeral would take place, followed by this epic burn of a last line:

Lee has requested six Buffalo Bills players as pall bearers so they can let him down one last time.

That’s funny.

The Dodgers and Astros of course each have 8 dingers in the 2018 postseason.

Let’s go Astros! #NeverSettle!


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