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Adios, The Roundtable

Name the MLBer with the highest 2018 postseason batting average?

Commentary received this email yesterday:

Last Call at The Roundtable

Alas, after more than 25 years of continuous discussion and debauchery, it’s time for The Roundtable to fade into history.  

No joke:  The Roundtable is closing its last tab.  

We know, we know, the end of an era and all that.  But what started decades ago as a rowdy crowd of occasionally obnoxious reporters, staffers, candidates, consultants, cronies, bagmen and political hangers-on has dwindled to a few diehards tying up a table to the chagrin of under-tipped waiters and bartenders.  And a world that once needed a noisy weekly touchstone for political inside baseball is now flooded with political blogs that serve much the same purpose.  So to paraphrase a certain tricky former president, just think how much you’ll be missing, because you won’t have The Roundtable to kick people in politics around anymore.  

Maybe, if there’s popular demand, we’ll revive the tradition for an occasional special event.  Maybe once in a while we’ll still organize an election pool.  But like a presidential candidate stepping off the stage, we’re suspending our campaign of weekly Wednesday night rallies.  

Thank you, our fellow Americans, for three great decades of political discourse.  God bless America, and God bless Texas.  

Except for Dallas.

Has it been 25 years? I don’t even remember all the places it has been held. Let’s see: La Griglia, River Café, Café Noche, Reef, Farrago, Café Adobe, the place on Westheimer whose name I can’t remember, and I am sure I am missing a few.

Yeah, I went a couple of weeks ago and a “few diehards” in attendance would be an overstatement. Sad. I was looking forward to this year’s election ballot and pool. I think I won the pool in 2006. Oh, well.

The Chron E-Board today endorsed 2 GOPers and 1 Dem for county government positions. Judge Ed Emmett and District Clerk Chris Daniel for reelection and Diane Trautman for County Clerk.

Here is what they said about Dem candidate for County Judge, Lina Hidlago:

As for his Democratic challenger, we were thoroughly impressed that Lina Hidalgo was able to hold her own when the two met side-by-side for their endorsement meeting.

And this:

While she lacks the executive and governmental experience voters should demand in a county judge, we hope to see her remain involved in local politics no matter the outcome.

Thanks for the pat on her head. Hold her own?  Some folks would consider that insulting.

The Chron hard copy has a story on the Commissioner Precinct 2 race but I can’t find it online. The article says the race is competitive. I guess that is why the Commissioner Jack Morman campaign started running negative TV ads against Adrian Garcia this morning.

I saw this tweet yesterday:

rgratcliffe liked

Mizanur Rahman‏Verified account@Mizanur_TX 3h3 hours ago

I was at my daughter’s Girls Scout troop meeting today where they talked about International Day of the Girl which is tomorrow. So the troop leader asked the girls who is going to be the first female president. Several of the girls immediately shouted out, “Me!” #Empowerment

I retweeted this:

Hope it is sooner!

Tuesday’s Game 3 of the ALCS at The Yard starts at 4 pm.

Wednesday’s Game 4 of the ALCS at The Yard starts at 7:30 pm.

Thursday’s Game 5 (if necessary) of the ALCS at The Yard starts at 7 pm.

Got it?

Both the ALCS and the NLCS have two afternoon starts.  Sounds even to me.

MLB wants a cut of all legal betting action on MLB games. Those guys are full of s__t.

Alex Bregman of course has the highest batting average this postseason – .556.

The Red Sox had the best homie record, 57-24 and we had the best roadie record, 57-24.


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