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Seeing Red Sox

Name the player who hit the most dingers in the 2017 Astros-Red Sox ALDS?

Our first two ALCS games at Fenway this weekend will be on prime time. I know what I am doing Saturday and Sunday nights.

Commentary looked at the H-Town Firefighters’ Prop 4 PAC dollars that were reported yesterday. The Protect Houston folks who are opposing Prop 4 raised $60,000 and change from two donors – the police union and the H-Town Mayor’s Campaign. Those were the only donors they had. The Support H-Town Firefighters raised $76,000 and change from 61 donors including a big chunk from the International Firefighters. The 61 also included various local firefighter associations and individuals. Interesting.

Chron E-Board member Andrea White and attorney Jack Balagia co-authored an Op-Ed today and make an argument for split ticket voting in this year’s election. Here is the headline:

Straight-ticket voting can cause collateral damage [Opinion]

Here is the Op-Ed: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/a-straight-ticket-lever-and-collateral-damage-13293763.php.

Nope! Sorry! I read yesterday where some of the kids snatched at the border will be put up for adoption. Too many GOP folks are silent on this. They were silent when the GOP right wing talking heads mocked Dr. Ford. Why? Because they wanted a Supreme Court justice. They want more federal judgeships. They want tax breaks for billionaires. Nope! They can’t have it both ways. Vote the straight Dem ticket this year in Harris County. No mercy.

The E-Board endorsed 9 GOP candidates for judge today and 4 Dems. Maybe it is time to vote out the E-Board too.

Breitbart tweeted out this yesterday:

Carpetbagging: Eva Longoria Latest Hollywood Elite to Endorse Beto O’Rourke

Then the trolls joined in on the hate of the Corpus Christi native. So much for being a carpetbagger.

Then this tweet:

Fox News‏ @FoxNews 2h2 hours ago


Sen. @ChuckGrassley: “I think with Avenatti’s reputation…that that raised questions about the legitimacy of [Julie Swetnick’s allegations].” #TheStory

Reputation? He helped bring down Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.

Jose Altuve of course had 3 dingers (all in Game 1) in the 2017 ALDS versus the Red Sox.

Weekend baseball at The Yard is over for this season. Games 3, 4 and 5 of the ALCS will be held next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at The Yard. The AL team will host World Series games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, October 23 and 24 and October 30 and 31.

I am ready for Saturday night!


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