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Defend Gear

Cleveland is in town for two. How many World Series Championships does Cleveland have in their franchise history?

This is a headline in today’s Chron.com:

Kavanaugh says he ‘might have been too emotional’ at hearing

If it was a Ms. Kavanaugh, she would be a goner over the emotional thing. Just saying.

MLB uses the same national PR firm to put out the playoff slogan, but all teams use the same theme. Last year it was “Fly the Pennant.” This year, it is “Defend.”

The Astros are the only team defending the title. They should be the only team to possess “Defend” gear, but hey, they are not going to listen to me. You can get your Defend H-Town shirt if you want.

Defend SoCal is in Dodger blue. Defend Fenway. They gave the Yankees two slogans because they are the Yankees. Defend the Bronx and Unite in the Bronx. Defend Tribe Town – not my fav. Milwaukee also got two. Hey, it’s Bud Selig’s old team. They got Defend MKE (Milwaukee’s Airport handle) and Our Crew, Our October – cute. Defend The ATL. Defend Rocktober – creative.

It is not the same folks. Commentary is talking about #BetoForTexas not going after the public endorsement of President Obama. Some are saying it reminds folks of former H-Town Mayor Bill White snubbing President Obama in 2010 when Bill ran for Texas Governor. In 2010, President Obama was a sitting president. Big difference than Citizen Obama.

Here is from Texas Monthly:

“I don’t think we’re interested [in an endorsement],” Beto O’Rourke said after a town hall at a local high school. “I am so grateful to him for his service, he’s going to go down as one of the greatest presidents. And yet, this [election] is on Texas.”

I am betting that the #BetoForTexas folks and the Obama folks have had a conversation and there are no hard feelings. One of the reasons the #BetoForTexas campaign is doing so well is because it is truly a grassroots campaign and it’s not a DC driven apparatus. You start bringing in national political figures, you risk losing some energy. There is no reason for Dems to pile on.

Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Cruz brought in Trump Junior and someone described the event as a mini-MAGA rally with Sen. Cruz making a cameo appearance.

Yesterday, my iphone gizmo updated and now I can’t ask Siri for the scores while I am driving. What’s up with that?

Cleveland won World Series titles in 1920 and 1948 of course.


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