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Chron Endorsements

The Yankees and Red Sox will meet in the ALDS. When was the last time the Yankees and Red Sox played each other in the playoffs?

The Chron E-Board rolled out some endorsements today. They endorsed 3 GOP candidates for judgeships and one Dem candidate.

Here are the Chron’s endorsements: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/endorsements/.

E-Board member Andrea White has an Op-Ed in today’s hard copy on their laborious process on screening and endorsing candidates here: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/We-judge-the-Texas-judges-Fifty-to-go-but-13213098.php.

Thanks, but no thanks.

In the 2016 November election, close to 2 out of every 3 Harris County voters voted the straight ticket. Commentary was one of the 2. Last year, the legislature decided that this year will be the last straight ticket voting election. In 2020, I will just hurry down the ballot and punch the candidate with a D by their name. I suspect I will have a lot of company. Some of us don’t like that our right to vote straight ticket was snatched from us by the GOP.

The H-Town Firefighters and the H-Town Mayor will debate Prop B Saturday morning. The event is being sponsored by the local Dem Party. Yesterday, Marty Lancton from the Firefighters sort of accused Dem Party insiders of rigging the debate to give the Mayor an advantage.

There is a story in today’s hard copy of the Chron on the debate and accusations. I was hoping the Chron would have named the insiders. Oh, well.

It is safe to say that the FBI has taken some PR hits the last 19 or so months. It certainly not going to help that they were directed to conduct a supplemental fake investigation of Judge Kavanaugh. What a shame.

In the 2004 ALCS, the Red Sox had that epic comeback to take the Yankees in 7 of course.

This tweet is true:

Alyson Footer‏@alysonfooter 12m12 minutes ago

Thoughts and prayers to the Astros and Indians chances to play any DS games at night.


The defending World Series Champs and the 2016 AL Pennant winners are up against the Red Sox and Yankees.

If you are going to the game tomorrow, consider the Metro Rail. It was free during the playoffs last year. I hope it is free tomorrow.


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