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I saw this from an internet story today:

Ed Rollins, who leads the pro-Trump Great America PAC, put the chances of Kavanaugh making it at a mere “fifty-fifty” in an interview with The Daily Beast earlier this week. “My sense is you reach a point where, how do you prove your innocence?” Rollins said. “Democrats now smell blood, they’re going to go full bore [but] as long as he fights on I’ll support him, and the president will support him.”

Not surprising, Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley, true to form, opened the hearing by letting the world know he’s a first-class arsehole. Nice work, Chucky!

I just watched Dr. Ford. Very compelling.

Advantage, Dr. Ford.

I will be an interesting day for sure.

Bill King‏@BillKingHouston 5h5 hours ago

I finally got a copy of the City’s calculation of $98mm/25%. It is, to put it kindly, exaggerated. Will be writing more on this soon.

Here is how Bill starts his blog today:

Town Hall Misinformation

There is so much misinformation being disseminated at the current round of “town hall” meetings it is hard to keep up with all of it.  If you have been subjected to this mendacious onslaught, let me set the record straight on a few issues.

Here is Bill’s blog: http://www.billkingblog.com/blog/.

The Astros will be hosting Cleveland in Game 1 of the ALDS next Friday. There will be three other LDS games on Friday. The Red Sox will be playing for sure that day. Maybe the Yankees and Dodgers. It looks like we will have an afternoon start.

100-58 with four left in B’More. B’More has lost 112 games.

No MLB question today.

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