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A Chron Boo Boo

The Astros are 98-57 with 7 games remaining. We need 2 wins to reach 100. Last season we ended up 101-61. When was the last time a MLB club had back to back 100 or more win seasons?

Commentary spent Saturday evening with my Dad. I left just as the Astros were coming to bat in the bottom of the 8th inning.  It sure was a nice drive home.

Commentary and a few other folks picked up on the Chron’s boo boo in Saturday’s hard copy when they put “Garcia” under State Rep. Carol Alvarado’s photo and “Alvarado” under State Sen. Sylvia Garcia’s photo on page A6.

Here is what the Chron put out yesterday:


A story on Page A6 on Saturday misidentified Rep. Carol Alvarado, D-Houston, and state Sen. Sylvia Garcia, D-Houston, and had incomplete identification for Henry Van de Putte, regional CEO for the American Red Cross, Texas Gulf Coast. It also misrepresented Alfredo Corchado’s role as a correspondent on Mexico.

Got it?

Here is the article on the Latino Leaders Network luncheon story that had the boo boos: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Latino-leaders-meet-in-Houston-to-dispel-negative-13248905.php.

Erica Grieder has a column today that is not online yet. Here is the hard copy headline:

Houston firefighters haven’t made a good case for pay parity

I read the column. The first eight paragraphs are about the Kavanaugh confirmation mess. Commentary doesn’t think Grieder makes the case against the Firefighters because she doesn’t spend enough time on the issue. It is a light take.

See this tweet about Michael Avenatti coming out with the third woman on the Kavanaugh confirmation mess:

Evan 20XX liked

David Roth‏Verified account@david_j_roth 10h10 hours ago

We’re never getting rid of Michael Avenatti. This dude is just a fact of life now. He’s going to appear on cable news on the day that the sun goes out.

Commentary has said it before. Avenatti has been pretty much on target. Like it or not, he has been consistently correct.

Here is a Texas Monthly headline:

Cruz and O’Rourke Confident in First Debate, But There Was No Clear Winner

The two candidates for U.S. Senate engage in a contentious discussion on a variety of policy issues.

Here is the story: https://www.texasmonthly.com/politics/ted-cruz-beto-orourke-first-debate-contentious/.

Commentary watched Tiger. Loved it! Great sports story. Plus, he always wears Nike gear. Loved it!

San Luis of course went 105-57 in 2004 and 100-62 in 2005.

We will have home field advantage in the ALDS which will start at The Yard on Friday, October 5. Our magic number is 3 and we play 3 in Toronto who are 71-85 and 4 in B’More who are 45-110.

The first 5 pages of the Chron Sports section today are on the winless Texans. Astros coverage begins on page C8.

Commentary will say it again.  The folks who run the Texans think they are smarter than the rest of us.

They aren’t.

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