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Try Telemundo

Once again, with 10 games remaining, we are 95-57 with no contenders left on the schedule. What was our record last season after 152 games and how many contenders did we have left on the schedule?

My hard copy of the Chron today is wrapped by four full page ads by Kanye. I have absolutely no idea what the ad says.

Best I can tell, the #BetoForTexas/Sen. Ted Cruz debate this evening at 6 pm will be on the local PBS Channel 8.

The Washington Post has a story today on SD 19 and it mentions the Latino vote and turnout. Here is from the article:

The result, in addition to one more Republican seat in Texas’s legislature, was a dose of ice water for Texas Democrats. Since falling into minority-party status in 1994, Democrats had struggled to turn out Latino voters in midterm elections, and Republicans had stayed competitive for the Latino voters who did turn out — a trend that helped Abbott win a landslide in 2014.

Democrats were hoping to change that trajectory this year, with Lupe Valdez running to be Texas’s first Latina governor and Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who represents a heavily Latino district based in El Paso, running an unusually strong U.S. Senate race. But they had not cracked the code on how to turn out Latinos between San Antonio’s Bexar County and the Rio Grande Valley. In 2014, just 116,297 total votes were cast in TX23 — and that was, by far, the highest turnout in any of the border districts. Hundreds of thousands of Latino Texas Democrats who vote in presidential elections simply stay home in midterms. And this week, Democrats learned again how big a problem that can be.

Here is the entire article:

Commentary has talked ad nauseum about this in the past. Nobody pays attention. Here in H-Town, the local Telemundo evening newscast is the most watched and highest rated.  Dems don’t put their campaign ad dollars into Telemundo. It is pretty simple. Don’t you think?  Some folks would say irresponsible.  This isn’t rocket science.

From Royko on SD 19:

More of a Blue Swirl in the toilet than a Blue Wave. Also, with updated poll results, the Anglo Senate candidate of privilege who prefers a Spanish alias is down 9 points to the incumbent, and Loopy is an amusing 19 point underdog.

Last season, with 10 remaining, we were 93-59, with the final 3 at Fenway of course. We ended up going 8-2.

3 ½ up with the magic number sitting at 7 as we head into the final homie.


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