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Not Fooled

Alex Bregman has 100 RBIs. Who was the first Astro to ever have 100 RBIs in a season?

The folks who run the Chron Opinion pages put out the funniest headline for an Op-Ed by a longtime GOPer, former state representative and staffer to President Bush 41, Chase Untermeyer. Here is the headline:

GOP values and standards need a champion, and it isn’t Trump [Opinion]

Chuckle, chuckle. The GOP doesn’t have values! Don’t even go bother to read the BS piece. What a joke!

Do take a look at a #TXCD7 piece in the Chron by George Will today here: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/Will-In-Houston-a-Democratic-template-for-13228092.php.

My friend State Rep. Garnet Coleman endorsed Harris County Judge Ed Emmett yesterday. I sure hope other Dems don’t follow Garnet. Here is from the Chron:

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett used his annual State of the County address to hail the progress in emergency preparedness the region has made since Hurricane Ike, which made landfall 10 years ago Thursday.

Emmett praised Houston and Harris County officials for working closely during and after Hurricane Harvey a year ago, lauded the passage of a $2.5 billion flood infrastructure bond in August and said more must be done to protect against the future storms that are certain to wallop the county in years to come.

“Although the past year has seen Harris County focus on recovery from Harvey, I believe we have turned the corner and are now focused on the future,” Emmett said to more than 1,000 attendees during his lunchtime speech at NRG Center.

And this:

His opponent, 27-year-old political newcomer Lina Hidalgo, argues that Harris County failed to invest enough in flood protection in the years preceding Harvey.

Should more Democrats than Republicans turn out in Harris County in the midterm elections, as they did in the 2016 general election, Emmett’s coalition must include Democrats who are willing to vote across party lines.

Democratic state Rep. Garnet Coleman endorsed Emmett at the luncheon, and said the judge deserved support for making decisions to help the county manage flooding.

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Judge-Emmett-13226588.php.

Really! The H-Town area has had issues with flooding since the beginning. Harvey was nature’s way of calling us out and demanding that we do something. So, please, let’s not make Judge Emmett into some sort of hero. It was about time. Even the folks who run the Chron Opinion page have said Emmett has been part of the problem.

A lot of folks have been critical of GOP national leaders for letting Donald Trump get away with his racial and hateful policies and rhetoric. Why can’t we be critical of local GOPer like Judge Emmett for being silent while baby jails are being assembled right down the street from his office?

Don’t be fooled, folks!

I was at the Tejano Democrats meeting last night and toward the end of the meeting an attendee asked if the group was going to take a position on the H-Town Firefighters Prop B initiative. A brief debate ensued. A pro Prop B attendee informed us that a sinister type of social media tactic was in the works to discredit Firefighters and the initiative – interesting. Stay tuned!

Commentary had the flat screen on yesterday on CNN and I noticed that Chris Cuomo – who was reporting from North Carolina on the hurricane – had a cap on that read “Cuomo.” I couldn’t read the smaller lettering on the cap but thought that it must be the name of his show – “Cuomo Prime Time.” Regardless, on the day voters in New York were going to vote in their primary where his brother was on the ballot, I thought Chris Cuomo would probably get social media blowback for wearing the hat. I was right. He later put on a CNN lid.

Jimmy Wynn of course was the first Astro to hit the 100 RBI mark with 107 in 1967.

3 ½ game lead as we host the D-Backs at The Yard this weekend.

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