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Seventeen Years Ago

We remember.

Never forget.

It was on a Tuesday.

I was at a Mayor Lee Brown Campaign Reelection Executive Committee Meeting at the Hyatt Downtown when we got word.

Before September 11, we never used to sing “God Bless America” at The Yard. Now we sing it on Sundays and on holidays.

Before September 11, NFL football players would come out on the field after the playing of the National Anthem.

Before September 11, hardly anyone sung the words of the National Anthem at sporting events. Some things never change.

Rudy Giuliani has certainly changed.

I guess this is why I subscribe. See this:

A note to readers from the editor of the Houston Chronicle

(This is also at the bottom of Page A3 in today’s hard copy)

In these challenging times for our country, with journalism and journalists often under attack, trust between a newspaper and its readers is absolutely essential.

We spend our days trying to ferret out the truth on school quality, taxes, development, the root causes of flooding, or why, as we reported Sunday, Houston is the deadliest city in America for driving.

We ask that you trust us that we’ve done everything we can to ensure what we’ve told you is fair and accurate. For that reason, I want to be completely transparent with readers and tell you that we have launched an investigation into the work of one of our own reporters.

Recently, another Houston Chronicle journalist flagged me with questions about the accuracy of a story written by veteran Austin reporter Mike Ward. Ward joined the Chronicle in 2014 after a long career with the Austin American-Statesman. Specifically, questions were raised about whether individuals quoted in one of his stories were real people.

Our own researchers, after an initial review, had difficulty finding a number of sources cited in Ward’s most recent reports.

Ward has insisted that his work was truthful, that his work involved real people, and that we would eventually find the individuals behind his “man-on-the-street” interviews. However, given the questions this review raised, he offered to resign and I accepted that resignation last week. If we were in another business, that might be enough.

As a journalism organization, we owe the public more. We owe our readers the truth and to tell you if, in fact, there were inaccuracies in anything we published. We simply do not know the full story yet.

To help us ferret this out, we have hired an independent, highly respected journalist to review Ward’s work for the last year, or further, if necessary, and determine whether any reporting transgressions occurred. We have given that journalist full access to our archives and promised access to our editors as well. Investigative work takes time, and it can be tedious. Tracking down and verifying sources, especially across a year or more of work, requires significant legwork.

And above all else, we need to be fair — to Ward, to our readers, and to other journalists concerned about their own reputations.

When this investigation is complete, we will publish a full accounting of our findings.

We owe our readers nothing less.

Nancy Barnes
Executive Editor

Wow! Stay tuned for sure.

There are Vote for H-Town Firefighters Prop B yard signs on my street. Just saying.

Last season, after 144 games, we were 87-57 with 18 games remaining, 9 at The Yard and 9 on the road, with 3 against a contender – at Fenway.

This season, after 144 games, we are 90-54 with 18 games remaining, 9 at The Yard and 9 on the road, with 6 against contenders, 3 with the D-Backs and 3 with the Mariners – both at The Yard.

Our lead is now 3 games. Got it?


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