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Out of Control

We very well could see the Red Sox in the playoffs again next month. Including last season’s ALDS, what is our record against the Red Sox over the past two seasons?

“OUT OF CONTROL” was the headline on the Chron’s hard copy front page yesterday and accompanied by two front page stores on the H-Town region leading the country in traffic fatalities.

Sad to say, but that is also who we are. It is hard to argue with the facts and stats. The more roads and parkways we build, the more freeways we expand, bad things are going happen. Then there are these folks. How many times have you slowed down for a yellow light while somebody in the next lane gunned it and ran through a red light?

My phone gizmo has an app that doesn’t allow me to text or receive texts while I am driving. Maybe they ought to make that mandatory. It can’t hurt.

From Tim Bacon on Bill King supporting the Firefighters Prop B:

King’s latest is a campaign piece. Long winded, but that’s King’s style. He still wants to be mayor. The Mayor, on the other hand, wants to be re-elected. Nonetheless, he is doing what is best for the city. He’s out talking reality to any group he can find. This may cost him his job, but he’s out there anyway. My guess is the firefighters will win, but Houston will lose.

Commentary likes President Obama, but I am not waiting for him to save the day for Dems. That train has already left the station. I watched President Obama’s speech last week and it was a good one, but Dems are already enthused. We’ve been enthused.

One of Donald Trump’s top staffers told GOP donors this past weekend that Sen. Ted Cruz could lose his reelection bid because he’s not likeable. Try telling us something we don’t know. Also, try adding because a lot of folks don’t respect him either. Sen Cruz only cares about Sen. Cruz.

Here is from Kuffer on the Trump staffer:

I mean, Mick Mulvaney is himself about as likable as a case of athlete’s foot, so this is really saying something. I’m not sure what I love more, that people feel so free to insult Ted Cruz, or that people feel so free to record such insults and leak them to reporters so the rest of us can enjoy it as well. Or maybe Mulvaney just internalized the lesson that Donald Trump taught us all, that the way to earn Ted Cruz’s affection and loyalty is to treat him like garbage. Has Mulvaney tweeted about Mrs. Cruz being ugly yet? That’s got to be next.

Here is all of Kuffer: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=87647.

Commentary went to the Pasadena Rodeo Parade Saturday morning. There sure were a lot of folks along the parade route. Mostly of the Latino persuasion. Heck, over two thirds of Pasadena is Latino.

Somebody put this on Next Door yesterday and a lot of folks replied with takes:

Los Cucos fail

So when you spend $50 on takeout order of fajitas for two and they forget the tortillas, shouldn’t they be responsible for delivering them? #LostACustomer

I picked up an order of menudo at Spanish Flower yesterday. Looked in the bag when they handed it to me: menudo, check, flower tortillas, check, hot sauce, check, tortilla chips, check, limes, check, chopped onions, check, chopped peppers, check. Not hard to do, folks.

Check these tweets:

ChronAstros Retweeted

Chandler Rome‏@Chandler_Rome 2h2 hours ago

Alex Bregman is the only player in Astros history to hit 30 home runs in a season prior to turning 25.

And this about Fenway:

Jeff Syptak liked

Mark Berman‏@MarkBermanFox26 6h6 hours ago


Red Sox play-by-play announcer during Boston’s broadcast: “There are so many orange shirts in the stands it’s ridiculous.”

Over the past two seasons, the Astros are 11-7 versus the Red Sox of course.

About a month or so ago, I told my best friend and a couple of other folks that if we met the Red Sox in the ALCS in October, they would take us in five or six. I am not thinking that these days.

2 ½ game AL West lead with 19 remaining.

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