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Anonymous Worms

Otra vez, back to my “Gameday” and the page on BASEBALL TERMS IN SPANISH, what is the Spanish word for RUBBER as in pitching RUBBER?

Last night, Bill King dropped by the City of H-Town hearing in Montrose on the H-Town Firefighters pay parity issue. Here is Bill’s tweet:

Bill King‏@BillKingHouston 11h11 hours ago

Went to the City townhall meeting tonight. About 150 people there of which about 120 were City employees and political consultants.

History will not be kind to folks who worked for or were appointed by Donald Trump – period. And this IS NOT the fault of the free press. The Bob Woodward book “FEAR” is based on folks who work for or are close to Trump. The latest is the anonymous worm who penned the Op-Ed. It is an absolute infestation of worms over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There is no other way to explain it. The press and folks like Woodward are just letting us know.

Commentary has said why I subscribe. Now let me talk about the subscription. Back in mid-August, I was told I would be billed monthly to my credit card. A few days ago, I saw a billing for the subscription on my credit card. I called customer service and they told me that they were billing me early for the next four weeks. I told them that I had a monthly subscription, not a four week subscription. They told me the monthly WAS the four week subscription. I told them they were the Chron and Chron shouldn’t be pulling fast ones like this. So, I guess I am really paying for a 13 month annual subscription. Got it?

You get a ring! You get a ring! Everybody gets a ring! I got this from the Astros yesterday:

As the 2018 regular season comes to an end, we wanted to say thank you to our fans. On September 23rd, we will celebrate Fan Appreciation Day and all ticketed fans in attendance will receive a Replica World Series Ring, presented by Coca-Cola, upon entering the gates.

Pitching RUBBER in Spanish is Goma (GO-mah), of course. Now you know.

Commentary has said that Alex Bregman is the most fun to watch and he didn’t let us down last night with his interview with Julia Morales that has gone viral. Classic!

87-53, 3 ½ lead, 20 games remaining.


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