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NIKE Does it

Commentary apologizes for being offline the past couple of days. They told me it was a server issue. It was extremely frustrating. I am going to have to do something about that for sure.

Again, back to my “Gameday” and the page on BASEBALL TERMS IN SPANISH, what is the Spanish word for SOUTHPAW?

NIKE knows what they are doing. Just like the California burger chain knows what they were doing.

At a GOP rally in North Texas yesterday, an attendee yelled “send (Beto) O’Rourke back to Ireland.” The Calgarian replied “that’s good.”

Beto was born in El Paso, Texas and not in Alberta, Canada. Just saying.

Donald Trump is going to campaign in Texas with Sen. Ted Cruz. I wonder if local GOPers want Trump to visit these parts?

BTW: Sen. Cruz was wearing his NIKEs when he played basketball with Jimmy Kimmel.

In today’s Chron hard copy, there is story on the interim HISD Superintendent. Here is a bit:

In recent weeks, three trustees have suggested Lathan should be named the district’s permanent leader, but other board members and some community leaders have been reluctant to follow suit. Laura Murillo, president and CEO of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, said HISD trustees “must look high and low” for the district’s next superintendent.

“It’s best to move in a thoughtful, methodical way rather than to rush and select someone who will not fit the needs of our community,” Murillo said. “We know there are many qualified people who can come here and take HISD to the next level.”


Laura is one of our community’s key leaders for sure. I am glad she is keeping an eye on things.

SOUTHPAW in Spanish is Zurdo (SOOR-doh), of course. Now you know.

You get a ring! You get a ring! You get a ring!

I told you. One more World Series Replica Ring Giveaway on Monday, September 17th when the Mariners visit.

Commentary doesn’t have a problem with the dugout dinger celebrations led by Alex Bregman.

Let’s see. 85-53, 2 ½ game lead, with 24 remaining.

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