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Why I Subscribe, Again

Back to my “Gameday” and the page on BASEBALL TERMS IN SPANISH, what is the Spanish word for STARTER as in starting pitcher?

Commentary watched or listened to Sen. John McCain’s service on Saturday morning. Sen. McCain planned his own funeral. He knew there was going to be an eloquent takedown of Donald Trump by his daughter Meghan and Presidents Bush and Obama. Well done!

Commentary has let folks know before the reasons I subscribe to the Chron hard copy. Yesterday’s outstanding front page story by Mike Morris is reason enough. Here is the hard copy lead front page headline:

City let affordable housing rules slide

Here is from the story:

Homes sold through the program are being rented out, some by real estate investors, in violation of program rules. The city produced no evidence that it has taken action against these landlords.

Some residents sold their homes soon after buying, some because they saw little sign their neighborhoods were being revitalized. City officials acknowledge they have not acted to recoup their subsidies from owners who sold before they had lived in the homes for 10 years, as stipulated in program rules.

Some buyers — who had received a combined $389,000 in subsidies to help them make down payments — lost their homes to foreclosure.

More than 700 land bank lots remain vacant, and many have become overgrown or acted as illegal trash dumps, leading the agency to be repeatedly ticketed for city code violations. The agency also acquired and then later gave up on more than 200 other parcels it deemed unsuitable for development.

“We are faced with such an affordable housing crisis right now, especially among the lowest-income families within the city of Houston,” said Chrishelle Palay, Houston director of Texas Housers. “To know that those who could afford market-rate housing are given the deep subsidies that really should go to the lowest-income folks — that’s outrageous.”

Here is the entire Morris read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Breaking-all-the-rules-Lax-oversight-undercuts-13197828.php.

What a mess!

It says something that the Chron and its City Hall beat writer had to do the legwork to figure out how screwed up a City housing program was. It also says something that the City housing honchos were unaware of the problems. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

That’s why I subscribe.

The new flick about the first folks on the moon has got some folks riled up because there is not a scene of Old Glory being planted on the moon. All I can say to those folks is they are free to go spend their own millions and make their own movie about the moon.

If you are going to get riled up about upcoming flicks, get pi__ed off if they don’t give Jennifer Garner a cool line along the lines of a particular set of skills or make my day in her new arse kicking role in “Peppermint.” What’s in your wallet?

You have to read Leonard Pitts Jr.’s column yesterday on his letter to Trump. Here are parts:

Dear Donald Trump:

Do you ever think about your own funeral?

The question is not meant to be morbid or to wish ill upon you. But given how churlishly you have behaved after the death of Sen. John McCain — was it really that hard for you to issue a laudatory statement and lower the flag in his honor? — it feels appropriate. Besides, it’s only human to wonder how you’ll be remembered once you exhale for the final time.

And this:

Two ex-presidents agreed to eulogize McCain, a man with whom neither was personally very close, but whom both regarded with respect. It’s hard to imagine any ex-presidents giving your eulogy. So, who do you think they’ll get?

Kid Rock? Vladimir Putin?

And finally, this:

When President Gerald Ford died, President Jimmy Carter thanked him “for all he did to heal our land.” No one can say that of you.

When President Ronald Reagan died, President George W. Bush noted that he “carried himself, even in the most powerful office, with a decency and attention to small kindnesses ….” Something else no one can say about you.

With so many of your friends lining up to testify against you, who will even be left to mourn, outside of your kids and whomever you happen to be married to at the time? Will Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort be out on parole by then? Will Don Jr.?

Maybe Stormy Daniels will be there, signing autographs and taking selfies with her fans. Maybe David Duke will show up and burn a cross in your honor. Maybe Sean Spicer will stand out front and announce that, “This will be the largest audience to witness a funeral, period, both in person and around the world.” Point being, there will be little mourning of the kind we’re seeing for John McCain.

Here is the entire column from yesterday’s Chron: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/Donald-Trump-your-funeral-is-coming-Opinion-13199387.php.


STARTER in Spanish is Titular (tee-too-LAR), of course. Now you know.

2 ½ game lead with 25 remaining and a 1 pm start today at The Yard.

Have a nice Labor Day!

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