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Monkey What?

The Astros are 82-51. How were we doing last season after 133 games?

The GOP nominee for Florida governor could have said muck this up, screw this up, mess this up, or even f__k this up, but no, he went to the monkey card. I have to hand it to the GOP talking heads on CNN yesterday, they all said the GOP nominee should apologize. He didn’t. He won’t. He needs that vote. He is running against an African American and so he knows he’s not going to get the African American vote, so he needs the vote that likes what he said yesterday. Pretty simple, if you ask Commentary.

Royko responded yesterday to my take on the Beto yard signs:

That is just not true. It may be the observation of a few in heavy Democrat neighborhoods. And, a lot of the Senate Democrat candidiates’s signs were being placed prior to the 90 days as allowed by regulations.

I have, and neighbors, in our suburban neighborhood have, placed Ted Cruz signs in our yards.

The other problem is that some candidates’ signs being removed by vandals.

Yes, my neighborhood is Democratic, but Donald Trump got a lot of votes around here. I have not seen a Cruz yard sign – period – this election season.

I was in Baytown yesterday and picked up a Baytown Sun. There was a lengthy front-page story on the State Senate District 6 Special election stuff.

We are now in our 19th season at Minute Maid and we are still talking about the left field dimensions after Tyler White’s walk-off dinger? Check this tweet from yesterday:

Dieter Kurtenbach @dkurtenbach 17h17 hours ago

I like Enron Field, but that 150-foot left-field porch remains 1000 percent bush league. Plays for both teams, but wooooof.

315 feet. Boo hoo!

In the replay of the walk-off, Tony Kemp is seen jumping up and swatting away a bubblegum container that was fixing to land on Verlander’s head. Who in the heck is throwing a container into the air?

After 133 games last season, we were 80-53 and just wrapping up a three game homie against the Rangers in Tampa of course.

Back to 2 ½ with 29 games remaining.


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