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The Week, Again

The Red Sox pitching staff has given up 500 runs this season, second fewest in MLB. Which team’s pitching staff has given up fewer runs?

Commentary heard sighs of relief yesterday on the NAFTA deal with Mexico or the new trade deal with Mexico, whatever. Huh? Has anyone reported on the details?

Commentary said this yesterday:

Someone said this past Saturday night that on the day Sen.  (John) McCain is memorialized this weekend, on that day Donald Trump will be the loneliest fella on the earth.

Wrong. He’s already the loneliest fella on earth. He just can’t stand the tributes to Sen. McCain. Trump can’t figure out how to make this about himself. His pettiness was on full display for the world to see yesterday. That is why Sen. McCain decided to leave him out of his funeral. Petty.

Check this story in the Trib today about Dems running against GOPers on Harvey: https://www.texastribune.org/2018/08/28/hurricane-harvey-becomes-focal-point-houston-area-races-congress/.

The federal response to Harvey has been slow. How many GOPers have been calling out Trump on the slow response? End of story. Hang Trump and Harvey around their necks and do it now.

Here is from Royko on my take yesterday:

First, I am highly critical of wasting millions of dollars of precious taxpayer money for the special election that could have been held for a negligible cost 76 days later at the general election.

As far as Trump, why would anyone think he cares about being at McCain’s funeral? He was criticized for playing golf yesterday, somehow disrespecting McCain. Trump went and played golf the day of Barbara Bush’s funeral.

Obama went and played golf on numerous occasions where the media did not criticize him.

I said this on Friday:

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is going to debate Geraldo Rivera. Huh? That doesn’t score you points. That loses you points so go on ahead and debate Geraldo.

This tweet from yesterday:

Dan Patrick‏ @DanPatrick 13h13 hours ago

Ready to fly to NYC to debate @GeraldoRivera as soon as @FoxNews says go. Meanwhile @GeraldoRivera keeps snipping, digging himself in deeper. Thanks @rushlimbaugh

Followed by this tweet:

Evan 20XX Retweeted

Gene Wu‏@GeneforTexas 13h13 hours ago


Gene Wu Retweeted Dan Patrick

This is by far one of the most out-of-touch things I’ve ever seen from an state official. There are serious problems that our state faces right now. The solution to these problems need to be discussed openly and honestly. And, not w/ Geraldo. This is straight up embarrassing.

Let him go for it!

The Astros pitching staff has given up 435 runs of course, fewest in MLB.

2 ½ game lead with 31 games remaining.


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