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The Week

The tributes to Sen. John McCain keep coming. From both sides of the aisle. He is having former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama speak at his funeral. The celebration of his life will go on for the entire week. We are learning this morning that Donald Trump refused to put out words of praise for Sen. McCain. I am not surprised.

Someone said this past Saturday night that on the day Sen. McCain is memorialized this weekend, on that day Donald Trump will be the loneliest fella on the earth.

Expect Trump to drop an insulting tweet on Sen. McCain this week.

After the Democratic National Committee initiated the McGovern Rules back in the early 1970s, Commentary was part of the effort here in Texas to reform the Dem Party and empower minorities and women.

Back then, it never occurred to me that a Super Delegate component would evolve. It certainly wasn’t in the spirit of the McGovern Rules.

It turns out that this past weekend, the DNC decided that Super Delegates aren’t so super after all. I’m OK with that.

If you read this from the internet, it looks like the Super Delegates themselves made the case for their role to be curtailed some. Check this:

“This vote to strip superdelegates, unpledged delegates, automatic delegates, whatever you want to call us of our voice on the first ballot is inconsistent with our charter,” former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile said.

While awaiting results of a vote on a related issue, she strolled past media tables, saying, “I’m going to see how they’re counting the votes. I’m gonna make sure it isn’t Chicago style.”

Make sure the Illinois delegation hears the Chicago style remarks.

And this:

“What I witnessed was a political murder suicide,” said Bob Mulholland, a super-delegate and DNC member from California who helped organize opposition to the proposal. “What the DNC voted was to take away the votes of governors, Congress members, and take away their own votes, too. Absurd.”

Former DNC Chairman Don Fowler, a Mulholland ally, told committee members before the vote on Saturday that “this attempt to take voting rights away from people whose voting rights are ensured in the charter is not good government.”

He said, “It will be confusing, it will take the leadership out of the presidential nominating process which it has served very well for decades.”

The Dem party can certainly do without this elitist thinking.  Sound like they are way out of touch with Dem voters.

Commentary has said it before. This fella has been in office too long. Check out his tweet from Saturday:

Sarah Davis and Kathryn McNiel liked

Official Ed Emmett‏@EdEmmett 2h2 hours ago

Think of the brutal life-saving work our first responders were doing a year ago. Think of the long hours emergency officials put in. Think of the terror our neighbors were going through. So is it really that much of an inconvenience to vote yes on the flood bonds today? #together

Come on! You don’t shame the voters. I think everyone knows what they were doing a year ago.

Last I heard, a bunch of folks said earlier this summer that a whole lot of folks would not show up to vote if an election was held on the last Saturday in August. That’s our voter culture, buddy! For some folks, it would have been more convenient to vote in the Fall.

It is time for this fella to hit the road.

There is no MLB question today.

The A’s are in town for three. We lead them by a game and a half. Replica rings are being handed out this evening.


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