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Who doesn’t love JFLO? Join us for a fundraiser benefiting our beloved injured officer Jerry Flores. Tomorrow (TODAY, 8/23) at 11am to 4pm at Minute Maid Park


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Astros fans take note of the benefit for Jerry Flores, a great man and an integral part of the team’s security detail. He needs our help.

Be there. Today, from 11 am to 4 pm. At The Yard. For our friend, Jerry.

No MLB question today.

Go read Mimi Swartz’s nice and extensive take today in Texas Monthly on Harvey, a year later. Here is a part:

“No city in the world was prepared for Harvey, but we are gonna see more of these storms,” says Jim Blackburn, an environmental lawyer, Rice engineering professor, and co-director of the Severe Storm Prediction, Education, and Evacuation from Disasters Center. A thin, silver-haired seventy-year-old with a folksy manner and a bushy mustache, Blackburn has proposed plenty of novel solutions to Houston’s ongoing ecological issues. “We have to learn to live with water,” he says. “Development in the twenty-first century is all about living with water.”

One of his latest suggestions is to exchange our strong mayoral system, which empowers politicians, for a structure that revolves around city managers. “Let’s get professionals to run the city,” he explains. Blackburn also wants to pay the owners of what’s left of the Katy Prairie to leave their land fallow.

That’s not going to happen.

And this:

Indeed. Much of the blame for Houston’s problems has fallen on county judge Ed Emmett. With his team of county commissioners, Emmett prioritized all sorts of real estate developments over flood-control projects throughout Houston’s boom years. But this June, he stepped forward and proposed a $2.5 billion bond vote to finance everything from home buyouts to drainage improvements to detention pond construction. “We must take steps now to make our county more resilient,” he said. “Now is our chance to work together to protect each other proactively.” He was promptly criticized by Democrats for purposefully tanking his own deal by scheduling it in August rather than November, when voter turnout would be much larger and broader. Still, after rocky polling in the beginning, it looks as if the bond will pass nonetheless. (“Support Prop. A—because there’s no plan B,” urged a Houston Chronicle opinion piece.)

After the flood bonds pass this Saturday, there will be a discussion for sure on who should lead Harris County moving forward. A number of folks have had it with the tired bunch led by Emmett. They want new faces, fresh ideas, and vibrancy. Emmett and bunch have had too many chances. They try to come across as our saviors these days when in fact they have been the problem.

Here is the entire Texas Monthly piece that you should read: https://www.texasmonthly.com/news/harvey-anniversary-houston-preparing-next-big-storm/.

Donald Trump says that if he is impeached, the market will tank. Got it? Keep talking, please!

The Astro released their 2019 schedule yesterday. I am not impressed. The Yankees visit The Yard the second week of April. The Red Sox and Cubbies visit at the end of May. We open at Tampa Bay and close in Anaheim. (If we open with a roadie, we ought to close at The Yard and vice versa.) Our only holiday game at The Yard is Memorial Day against the Cubbies. We have an off day on the Fourth of July and are in Milwaukee on Labor Day. For our Home Opener, we host the A’s. Got it?

More from Tags:

SEATTLE — The Astros will play regular-season games in three countries next season after it was announced Wednesday they would face the “host” Angels in a two-game set in Monterrey, Mexico on May 4-5. The Astros previously have played exhibitions in Mexico, but this will be their first regular-season game not in the U.S. or Canada, where Houston plays in Toronto each season.

The games will be played at Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey, which is the home of the Sultanes de Monterrey of the Mexican League. The 2019 Major League schedule will also feature games in Tokyo and London.

I think I will seriously look at going.

We are a game up in the AL West and also got a group stare.


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