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GOP’s Problem

The Astros have played 126 games. Name the Astro player who has played in 123 of the games?

The GOP’s problem this November is Donald Trump.

Commentary would have to say that Dems had a great day yesterday and all we had to do was watch the flat screen.

Think about this. It was a GOP appointed Special Counsel who just brought down a longtime GOP player/operative/lobbyist who was Donald Trump’s Campaign Chair.

It was a GOP appointed U.S. Attorney’s Office that got guilty pleas out of Trump’s fixer/personal attorney Michael Cohen.

The best I can tell, the only Dem who has had a role is attorney Michael Avenatti. Very few took him seriously when he stepped forward with Stormy Daniels months ago. Say what you want about Avenatti, but he has called it from the beginning.

This morning, Commentary has yet to hear a credible GOP voice say Trump didn’t direct Cohen to make the payoffs. It happened.

The GOP leadership is too cowardly to take on Trump. The GOP isn’t going to call out Trump. Instead, look for them to create a distraction of sorts. Don’t let them. Dems need to wrap Trump around the neck of every GOPer running for office throughout the country. Make them defend or denounce Trump. Pretty simple to me.

We have the Big Mo on our side. Run at them. Don’t let them off the hook.

If you don’t believe me, did you watch the GOP talking toads, err heads, who struggled mightily last night?

Early Voting in Person on the flood bonds elections is over and Kingwood led all EV locations with 4,133 voters, followed by West Gray’s 3,967.

From the Chron:

Hickory Hollow, a longtime barbecue, chicken-fried steak and live music venue in the Heights, will close after January, the restaurant’s new landlord announced.

I used to be kind of a regular. I have not been there in three or four years. I usually get the burger and fries or onion rings. I have never had their chicken fried steak.

Alex Bregman of course has played in 123 games this season.

We are still tied for first.

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