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We’ll Handle the Truth

Happy Birthday today to my nephew, Dante!

Justin Verlander became the 114th MLBer to win 200 career games yesterday. Who has the most career MLB wins among the pitchers who are still with us?

Commentary is no longer surprised that GOPers just sit there in cowardly silence as Donald Trump strips away their dignity and their values. We learned yesterday that the GOP can no longer handle the truth when Rudy Giuliani said on “Meet the Press” that the “truth isn’t the truth” and not a single GOP leader is challenging Giuliani on this.

We will gladly take the truth and run with it this November. The goodies keep piling on.

With two days of Early Voting in Person remaining in the flood bonds elections, Kingwood still has a lead over West Gray 2,752 to 2,657.

Early Voting in Person for the November election begins nine weeks from today – 63 days.

You know how when you go to vote, they don’t let you take a selfie of you voting or take a picture of your ballot with your phone gizmo, so how come they let a bank of TV cameras capture Mattress Mac, my good friend Laura Murillo, and Judge Ed Emmett voting for the bonds at an Early Voting location this past Friday? Just saying.

We all heard about this from the Chron:

A new sign has been painted at Gregory Lincoln Education Center, replacing a “misogynist” and “victim-blaming” quotation that stirred up controversy at the HISD school late last week.

And this:

The sign, painted above a bank of lockers inside the girls’ locker room, said: “The more you act like a lady, the more he’ll act like a gentleman.”

And this:

“Do not wait for someone else to come and speak for you,” the wall now reads at the Fourth Ward K-8 school. “It’s you who can change the world.”

And finally this:

The new quote – painted this weekend – is attributed to Malala Yousafzai, the 21-year-old Pakistani activist for girls’ education who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.

I guess we are not going to be told who put up the original quote on the taxpayers’ dime?

Hall of Fame great Greg Maddux of course leads all MLBers who are still around with 355 career wins.

My nephew asked me this past weekend if the recent struggles with the Astros was because of the curse of the Roberto Osuna signing and Altuve being on the DL. I said both, plus the ticket price gouging of the most loyal season ticket holders by the front office. I still watch the games when I can and go to The Yard when I can, but I am certainly not as emotionally invested these days. I got better thing to do with my emotions right now. Got it?

75-49 and a one game lead over the A’s.


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