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El Tiempo

The Rockies are in town for two. Albuquerque is their Triple A minor league club in the Pacific Coast League. What is the Albuquerque team name?  Hats off if you know this without going to google.

It was an honor yesterday to go Vote Early with my good friend Marisol Valero. As a new citizen, it was her first vote to cast. I am betting she will never miss an election.

And with 12 weeks to go before Election Day, or 84 days to go before Election Day, Donald Trump just called Omarosa a dog.  Got it?

From the Chron, yuk, yuk:

On Monday the debate remained: had El Tiempo erred in serving Attorney General Jeff Sessions and then posting to Facebook about it?

The decision over the weekend had drawn ire from both sides. Some called for a boycott of the restaurant, a favorite Tex-Mex spot of many. Others said El Tiempo should not apologize but stand strong.

And then, amid the noise, a rival Tex-Mex restaurant threw itself into the fray, perhaps seizing an opportunity to poke fun at — and perhaps drum up some business from — the establishment down the road.

Along busy Westheimer Road in Montrose on Monday evening, the marquee on El Real Tex Mex Cafe blazed in bright red letters: “BRUNCH SESSIONS AT EL REAL ARE ALWAYS CAGE FREE AND FULL OF RAINBOWS.”

El Tiempo stepped in it, pure and simple.   I saw one of the Laurenzo brothers on TV the other night and he said they didn’t pay much attention to politics and that maybe they should. Yeah, maybe they should. The proposed baby jail is just a few blocks from their Navigation location.

Jeff Sessions is not good people. If they didn’t know that with the business they are in, then they kind of deserved the shellacking they got on social media.

This is probably one of the better reasons why the Democratic National Committee ought to scale back the role of Super Delegates. Here is from Politico:

Intensifying a dispute over superdelegates ahead of a Democratic National Committee meeting next week, Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond on Monday urged committee members to oppose a plan to weaken superdelegates’ influence in the presidential nominating process.

In a letter to DNC Chairman Tom Perez, Richmond (D-La.) said the proposal would “disenfranchise elected officials” who serve as superdelegates.

Here is the entire read: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/08/14/dnc-super-delegates-cedric-richmond-776345.

Somebody needs to ‘splain to Commentary how in the heck do you disenfranchise an elected official? My goodness!   Scratching my head on this one for sure. Like I said, this is as good as reason as any to scale back the role of Super Delegates.

This is kind of a worthless headline in today’s Chron on Early Voting for the flood bonds. Here is the headline:

Officials expect early voting on flood bond to pick up as election day nears

Duh! The reason we are having an election in August is because they didn’t want many folks to go vote. Everybody knows that including the Chron. Duh!

Kingwood retook the lead over West Gray in Early Voting in Person on the flood bonds election, 1,091 to 1,084.

They are called the Albuquerque Isotopes of course and get this, the name of their mascot is, drum roll, please, Orbit.

After tonight’s and tomorrow’s games with the Rockies, we will only have two homestands remaining.

Our lead over the A’s is down to two games.

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