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Guilty Pleasure

After 119 games, a 73-46 record, our AL West lead is 2 ½ games. Care to guess what our record and lead was last season after 119 games?

It was kind of like eating a huge slice of rich chocolate cake, with a couple of scoops of chocolate ice cream, a bag of Cheetos, paired with some fine red wine. Commentary is talking about the last couple of days, watching Omarosa and the racists and liars from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue go after each other. 12 weeks before Election Day. A guilty pleasure for sure.

Let’s remember this. Omarosa has known Donald Trump a whole lot longer than those that are attacking her. Just saying.

Kellyanne Conway tried to mock Dems yesterday by calling out Dem Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Dem Party Chair Tom Perez, and Dem Congressional nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Not going to work as long as the GOP leader is Donald Trump. It is pretty obvious that Kellyanne has no idea about the growing Dem grassroots movement throughout the country.

It was also hilarious to watch Kellyanne try to name a ranking African American who works for Trump.  Duh, duh, duh!

There sure were a whole lot of folks at the Last Concert Saturday night to see #BetoForTexas.

And how about that huge spread in yesterday’s (Sunday’s) hard copy of the Chron on #BetoForTexas. I am talking about half of the front page and the entirety of pages A18 and A19, including 4 photos. I can’t remember the last time a Dem running for office got that much run in a single edition.

Commentary saw a GOP Harris County Commissioner Precinct 2 Jack Morman campaign ad this morning on KPRC-TV on the flat screen. First flat screen ad I have seen for this November election season. He’s got the campaign dough. I guess he’s running them for the next 12 weeks. He’s not taking any chances.

West Gray has narrowly taken the lead over Kingwood in Early Voting in Person turnout for the flood bonds, 925 to 909.

Golf is interesting again. Tiger is back.

After 119 games last season, we were 73-46, but with a 12 ½ game AL West lead of course.

Brain McCann is out. Jake Marisnick is out. Jose Altuve is out. Lance McCullers is out. Devo is out. #SpingerDinger is out. We lost all four at home to the Mariners.


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