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Relevant Spike

We have a 5 game lead over the A’s who have been playing pretty good baseball lately. What’s has been our biggest first place lead in the AL West this season?

I think filmmaker Spike lead deserves a better headline than the one he got on page D2 of today’s Chron. Check this:

‘BlackkKlansman’ restores Lee’s relevancy

Here is how the article starts out:

So, it has come to this. Spike Lee is relevant again. He’s necessary again.

His new movie, “BlacKkKlansman,” though set in the 1970s, is very much about the times we’re living in, about racism in America and the shocking resiliency of hate. It’s one of his best, and that’s saying a lot, and it brings out his array of gifts — not just his political passion, but his absurd sense of humor and his almost uncanny social intuition.

Here is the entire review: https://www.sfchronicle.com/entertainment/article/Spike-Lee-reaches-a-career-high-point-with-13139224.php.

I never knew Spike Lee became irrelevant.  What do I know?

44 years ago today, Richard Nixon resigned. Now that is relevant.

The Chron E-Board commemorates today with a relevant take on Donald Trump. Here is the juicy part that I can answer:

The question today, on the anniversary of Nixon’s resignation, is one that ought be asked of every Republican candidate for Congress by his or her voters: Where is your red line? What behavior will you not accept from America’s chief executive?

Maybe Robert Mueller’s special investigation will end in no charges for Trump. Maybe it will even clear him. But what if the opposite happens?

Dan Crenshaw, Ava Pate and Phillip Aronoff, what is your red line? Brian Babin, John Culberson and Pete Olson, are you willing to put country ahead of party? Kevin Brady, Michael McCaul and Randy Weber, can you see yourself voting for articles of impeachment against Trump?

Here is the entire E-Board take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Trump-Nixon-impeachment-red-line-for-Republicans-13142506.php.

Commentary can answer this question. All of the above lack the courage. On November 6, the voters will answer for them.

The Texas House of Representatives Human Services Committee will meet today and here is part of what will happen:

The committee will also receive invited testimony on residential child care facilities, particularly the number of licensed facilities, recent complaints received regarding treatment of children at these facilities, and the status of pending licenses.

These are the baby jails. Good!

Yesterday was the first day of Early Voting in Person on the $2.5 billion Harris County Flood Bonds and 2,496 showed up to vote with Kingwood leading all Early Voting location with 233 voters. Kingwood leading doesn’t surprise me considering the hit they took.

The Astros have had 6 game leads on two different occasions this season of course.

Justin Verlander goes for career win 200 this evening at The Yard. The Mariners are in for 4.


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