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Dueling Op-Eds

The ‘Stros return to Dodger Stadium this evening. What year did Dodger Stadium open?

Commentary doesn’t respect anyone who works for Donald Trump – period. Yesterday, I watched the intel team announce that Russia had attacked our elections and was still attacking our elections. Trump said last night it was a hoax. Why do the intel folks even show up for work today?

You know it is a slow day when I have to comment on two Op-Eds in the Chron today from GOP members of the H-Town City Council on the Firefighters and their pay parity petitions.

Here is a bit from Greg Travis’ Op-Ed:

Once petition signatures are counted and verified, there should be another period of time for the city’s legal department to draft valid ballot language and submit it to City Council for review, comment and subsequent approval. The city of Houton is notorious for drafting faulty ballot language, as we have seen in recent years. In fact, the street and drainage program known as ReBuild Houston will go before voters for a second time since the original ballot language was successfully challenged in court. When ballot language is ruled invalid, it results in delays and great costs to the citizens and the city.

Here is the entire Op-Ed: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/Petitioning-the-government-a-basic-right-we-13128348.php.

Commentary is really not behind the scenes on stuff like this. Do the city lawyers who draft the ballot language ever reach out to the petition gathering groups and ask for their input on ballot language? It seems like that would avoid a lot of headaches. Just saying.

Here is from Dave Martin’s Op-Ed:

On Wednesday, Aug. 8 , the City Council will vote to put the “pay parity” charter amendment on the Nov. 6 ballot for our voters to decide this issue. After the measure is placed on the ballot, in the spirit of full and complete transparency, I will again invite Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 341 President Marty Lancton to present his facts and to participate in another BFA committee meeting. We will give him the chance to tell our taxpayers why they should vote for an additional $100 million per year budget expense.

What is the betting line on Marty accepting the invitation?

And this:

In my role as chairman of the city of Houston budget and fiscal affairs (BFA) committee , I am obligated by the laws of the state to present the financial implications of any charter amendment, and I have not used the BFA committee to “electioneer,” because supporting or opposing “pay parity” were not topics of our budget meeting conversations.

Here is the first thing that came up when I googled electioneer:

(of a politician or political campaigner) take part actively and energetically in the activities of an election campaign.

I don’t know about that.

Here is the entire Op-Ed: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/Fire-association-must-be-transparent-about-pay-13127992.php.

We will know the ballot language soon.

Dodger Stadium opened in April of 1962 of course.

Commentary is still waiting for the E-Board to drop an Op-Ed on Jeff Luhnow.



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