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Of the 10 MLB teams who made the playoffs last season, which one has the lousiest record this season?

You have to figure Jeff Luhnow and the front office knew there would be blowback with their move to bring in a domestic violence abuser. They calculated that staying in contention for a second World Series ring would outweigh the negatives and their bottom line would be A-Okay. I don’t think they factored in that a woman now runs the Opinions section of the Houston Chronicle and we have this kickarse Op-Ed in today’s Chron and here are parts from Jexas Michalak on the Astros:

First the online headline here:

After Osuna, 30-year Astros fan says, “I can’t cheer for this.” [Opinion]

And the hard copy headline:

Astros display true colors in Osuna trade

My initial reaction was shock. Then came anger. I’ve now landed on sadness, and I believe this will be where I stay in regards to this situation.

About two years after my father, who cultivated my love for the Astros, passed away, my mom became involved with an angry and controlling man. One day after work, I walked into our family house and found her cowering in terror and covered in bruises. It was one of the most horrible moments of my life and one that still brings tears to my eyes many years later. And it did once again today as I thought about my mom and the woman Roberto Osuna is accused of abusing.

And this:

So now I have some decisions to make.

One of them regards my responsibility toward my daughter and nephews, whom I frequently take to Astros games. They constantly pretend to play Astros baseball all through the house, rotating through all of the players, and I don’t know that I can take them to any more games while someone of Osuna’s character is on the roster. I don’t want one of them to say “I’m Osuna!” during one of their bouts of make-believe.

I also don’t know that I can go to any more of the games. This breaks my heart. I love this team. But there’s no way that I will be cheering for Osuna. I don’t have capacity to do something like that.

What’s done is done. Osuna is a member of the Houston Astros. But what kind of message does Luhnow think this sends to female fans? To me, it says that winning matters more than character. It says that violence against women is tolerated as long as someone can get the team more W’s. To the young ones in my family, it says that breaking the law isn’t a deal-breaker and that, if you’re a man, you can do bad things without risk of losing money and fame.

I cheered for the Astros during the 100-loss seasons. I cheered for them every second they got swept the first time they went to the World Series.

I can’t cheer for this.

This team was special. This team gave this city hope. That hope has been damaged.

There are a lot of writers, analysts and commentators over the years who have criticized the Front Office’s approach to the game, saying they disregard the humanity of a person in favor of their stats. The Astros organization has now sent the message, loud and clear, that winning trumps humanity.

Honestly, I’d rather watch the Astros lose without Osuna than win with him, and in a way, the losing started July 30, 2018.

Michalak is a contributor to astroscounty.com .

Here is the entire Op-Ed: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/After-Osuna-30-year-Astros-fan-says-I-13124289.php.

Commentary is still waiting for an E-Board take on this.

On one of the latest polls on Sen. Ted Cruz and #BetoForTexas, remember this tweet from yesterday:

Evan 20XX Retweeted

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O’Rourke’s small 52-40 lead among Hispanics seems like the big story here. There was no official exit polling in Texas in 2012, but the Latino Decisions election-eve polling found that Cruz lost the Hispanic vote 65-35 to underfunded, little-known Paul Sadler.

The real deal.

Back in 2010, some folks gathered the petitions to put Rebuild H-Town on the ballot. It passed. Every three months or so, Commentary sends my drainage fee to the City of H-Town. This obviously had fiscal implications. I am trying to remember if the City Council Budget Committee held a hearing on the issue before they voted to put it on the ballot.

On the same 2010 ballot was a vote on if we should keep the red light cameras. This too had fiscal implications. I am also trying to remember if the City Council Budget Committee held a hearing on this issue before they voted to put it on the ballot. Just saying.

The Twins of course were a Wild Card team last season after finishing 85-77. Today they sit at 49-58.

69-41 without the domestic violence abuser.


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