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The diehards know that on July 9, 1968, the MLB All Star Game was played at the Astrodome. Who was the only ‘Stro to make the NL All Star Team that year?

I saw this tweet today:

Texas Tribune Retweeted

Patrick Svitek‏Verified account @PatrickSvitek 12h12 hours ago


On tele-town hall tonight, Cruz got Q from supporter who said he sees “just too many Beto signs” in his area north of Dallas. Cruz says his campaign only rolled out signs w/in the past month. “We are frugal & so we don’t spend our money until it’s as close to E. Day as possible.”

Translation: Who in the heck would want a Ted Cruz sign in their yard anyway?

Commentary will give another three cents on Kelly Frels’ Chron Sunday Op-Ed on reducing the number of HISD single member Trustee districts and adding at-large districts. Money. HISD has over 720,000 registered voters. Where is an at-large candidate going to get the campaign funds to campaign districtwide? Lately, national teacher groups and unions have been the only ones willing to put in that kind of serious campaign dough into HISD Trustee campaigns. How can a candidate effectively campaign districtwide if they don’t have the funds? How can an HISD voter make an informed decision if they don’t know anything about the candidates? Just saying.

I received this yesterday on my HISD take:

Considering all the failing disticts I’ve known, all of them had a failing school board. If there is cause and effect operating here, I suspect the failing district schools caused the failing board. Not the other way around. We need to realize that we have elected boards that almost always are composed of people who know little more about schools and teaching than their own experience as students. Translation: Members are not qualfied to fix the problems. But administrators are supposed to know. Unfortunately, most of them are just trying to save their own necks.

Yes, the business communities should be involved in our schools. But got help us whenever the cry goes out that schools should be run like businesses. They should not.

Tim Bacon

A few days ago, Donald Trump said there wouldn’t be a Perry Mason moment. He said this:

“Will we be talking about meddling? I will absolutely bring that up. I don’t think you’ll have any, ‘Gee, I did it, I did it, you got me.’ There won’t be a Perry Mason here I don’t think.”

Well, we had our Perry Mason moment yesterday. I could hear the Perry Mason theme music in the background.

Hello, Colluder-In-Chief!

I was watching live on CNN yesterday. I was not surprised by what Trump said. I would have been surprised if he had called out Putin. It was good to see AC360 immediately call it like it was – disgraceful.

I am guessing the Mueller investigation will tell us if there is a tape or do the Russians have Trump on the hook over loans or something like that.

Here are the Chron headlines from their E-Board take today:

Trump embarrassed America by playing Putin’s puppy [Editorial]

And this:

Puppy prez

Here is how the E-Board take starts:

Donald Trump’s followers have a high tolerance level for his bad behavior, so perhaps it won’t bother them that Russia’s aspiring dictator Vladimir Putin made our president look like an obedient puppy during their summit Monday in Helsinki. But any other American whose heart beats with patriotic pride had to be embarrassed by Trump’s pathetic performance.

Here is the entire take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Trump-embarrassed-America-by-playing-Putin-s-13079853.php?utm_campaign=twitter-mobile&utm_source=CMS%20Sharing%20Button&utm_medium=social.

How about Putin’s punk?

There were not a whole lot of Trump talking toads, err heads, willing to go on the air yesterday. Rick Santorum was the only one I saw.

I hope all Dems with GOP opponents wrap Donald Trump around their opponent’s neck, please. Make their GOP opponents denounce Trump! Do it now!

Rusty Staub of course was the only ‘Stro on the NL All Star team at the game played at the Astrodome in 1968.

I saw the Alex Bregman portion of the Dinger Derby last night. I have said it before, Bregman is the most fun ‘Stro to watch for sure. He is prime time.

Commentary will be rooting for the ‘Stro players tonight.


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The ‘Stros have played 99 games. Name the only ‘Stro who has played in all 99 games?

Maybe it has something to do with nine Dems currently occupying all nine trustee seats on the HISD Board of Education. Commentary is talking about attorney Kelly Frels penning an Op-Ed in yesterday’s Chron calling for a reduction in the number of single member HISD trustee districts and the addition of a few at-large seats. Kelly is a nice fella. He knows public education law and policies for sure, but I have issues with what he advocates.

First of all, show me the evidence and facts that single member districts have contributed to failing schools or a failing school district. Where is the proof? Has any group or expert conducted a major study or review that shows this? Has the Chron run a major investigative piece on trustees becoming dangerously or foolishly parochial or territorial at the expense of student performance? Commentary hasn’t seen this. Again, show me the evidence. A trustee saying “my schools” at Board meetings isn’t good enough.

If this Op-Ed is some sort of stalking horse for the H-Town Downtown business community to have greater influence at HISD, I don’t have a problem with this. Commentary knows HISD trustee elections and campaigns as well as anyone in H-Town. The last few election cycles I’ve seen the Downtown business community scale back their involvement in HISD trustee elections.   What is that all about? Get back into the game and get serious about these elections.

If you go to five single member districts, you almost double the area and population that a Trustee will have to represent. That is a tall order for sure and it will certainly increase the likelihood that a Trustee will not be fully familiar with the neighborhoods, people and schools she or he represents. That is not healthy.

Commentary doesn’t believe electing an at-large trustee is going to change the mindset over at HISD because they still have to go through the same process to get elected. More and more, our local city, school board, and community college elections have become more partisan. What political party you belong to is a major factor in your chances for election. That is just a political fact of life in these parts these days.  This process is not going to change anytime soon.

Commentary doesn’t believe all folks are fully engaged these days in the HISD Trustee election process. Specifically, the H-Town Downtown business community. They need to up their game and become fully engaged.   This past election cycle over at HISD we saw a major infusion of campaign dollars from national teacher groups and unions. Commentary doesn’t have a problem with that, but the local business community certainly has the resources to play and they are choosing not to.

Sorry to say this, but At-Large Trustee districts are not the cavalry coming in to the rescue.  It is a bit more complicated.

Here is the headline from the Op-Ed followed by the first part:

How can Houston fix public schools? Add at-large seats. [Opinion]

Quality education in any public school system begins with the leadership of its board of trustees. A pattern of failing schools has compelled Commissioner of Education Mike Morath to focus his attention on HISD, and he has the option of replacing the current board. But a state takeover won’t repair the fundamentally broken nature of HISD. What we need is a long-term fix: Change the system for electing HISD trustees. Replace the nine district seats with a combination of at-large and single-member districts.

Public school governance is admittedly a controversial subject. People have been reluctant to advance possible solutions, probably for fear of offending sitting board members. But with the possibility of a state takeover, the time has come to put the proposal on the table.

It is apparent that HISD’s current system of electing its trustees through all single-member districts is not conducive to effective governance. The results speak for themselves. HISD’s current electoral system can and must be changed so its board members will focus on the entire district rather than individual single member geographic districts.

But first, we have to understand why the board looks the way it does. The story begins in 1975, when the board at the time rightfully sought a legislative change to replace seven at-large positions with single-member seats. Given the demographics at the time, single-member districts were the only way to ensure African-Americans could be elected to serve on the board. At-large elections would dilute the African-American vote, denying this key political entity fair representation.

Change came again in 1981, when the HISD Board asked the Legislature to add two additional single-member district positions so the growing Hispanic population would have the opportunity to be represented, as well.

The demographics of the city of Houston and the HISD have changed substantially since 1981. Today, the adult and student population is majority-minority. African-Americans and Hispanics have been regularly elected to at-large City Council positions and countywide seats. The same could happen at HISD. Single-member districts have served their intended purpose, and it is now time to focus on governance.

Many single-member trustees are elected by a small number of voters. It is natural for these trustees to feel beholden to this group of supporters. Trustees risk focusing on the affairs of their small electoral district at the expense of the school district as a whole. Pay attention to board meetings, and you’ll find it is common for trustees to refer to schools and teachers in their geographic area as “my” schools and “my” teachers rather than “our” schools and “our” teachers. Looking out for all of “our” children gets lost.

Single-member trustees who properly focus on issues of the entire school district end up in a tight spot. By making issues of the entire district a priority, they risknot properly paying enough attention to their supporters — the ones who get them elected. So the blame for a narrowly focused board doesn’t necessarily rest with the trustees themselves — the entire election system contributes to less effective governance.

So how can we change this?

HISD’s controlling law is a narrowly drawn statute, Article 2774b, which is not actually found in the Texas Education Code. Instead, you have to look through what are known as the Education Ancillary Laws. That statute should be amended to provide for at least four at-large positions and five larger single-member districts for the nine-member board. This hybrid system of at-large and single-member districts, already utilized in the city of Houston, would provide a near majority of trustees with districtwide views on issues. The remaining five or fewer single-member district trustees would have a much larger constituency and hopefully broader views. This configuration should lead to more consistent districtwide decisions.

It might be tempting to merely add two or three at-large positions to the current nine-member board. After all, that change would leave today’s board untouched and avoid agitating them into opposition. But simply growing the current board wouldn’t solve the governance problem; it would make it worse.

First, adding positions does nothing to eliminate the inherent problems with small single-member districts.

Here is the entire read: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/outlook/article/How-can-Houston-fix-public-schools-Add-at-large-13077315.php.

Commentary was at the soft opening this past Saturday of the Saint Arnold Brewery Beer Garden and Restaurant. Nice! It is located right next to the brewery on Lyons Avenue. The beer of course was great. Same for the grub. It has indoor seating in a structure that resembles a church. It has outdoor seating that is mostly covered and with fans. It also has a spectacular view of Downtown H-Town. Check it out, please.

Way to go, Brock Wagner and his crew!

Jose Altuve of course has played in all 99 ‘Stros games this season.

We only have 28 homies left. Against contenders? Seven with the Mariners. Three with the D-Backs. Two with the Rockies.




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The Red Sox lead MLB with 512 runs scored. Who is number two in this category?

Donald Trump said this morning that the immigration issue got him elected. Got it?

Royko sent me another take on local pro team owners. Here it is:

You can also suggest to Dems to give back the generous donations from Tillman who has benefited from taxpayer subsidies, as well as others like Elon Musk who has his snout buried in the taxpayer trough.

There is a July of 2017 story in the Chron about a bunch of folks giving Gov. Greg Abbott’s campaign $100,000 plus. Mr. Fertitta is one of them. Just saying.

Commentary has only eaten Papa John’s Pizza once in my lifetime and I didn’t like it. I have never had it at The Yard.

Some folks are starting to call out the ‘Stros for not ditching Papa John’s.   The Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays ended their relationship with Papa John’s yesterday.

Here is from the Chron:

In a statement released late Thursday night, the Astros condemned the racial slur hurled by Papa John’s founder John Schnatter but gave no indication they will cease their partnership with Houston Pizza Venture, the Houston business that owns the local Papa John’s franchises.

“The Astros are incredibly disappointed with the statements made by Papa John’s founder John Schnatter,” the team said in a statement. “We do not condone discrimination in any context and his comments do not reflect the mission, vision and values of our organization. The Astros are proud of our 10-year partnership with Houston Pizza Venture, a local Houston business and owner of the local franchises. We feel confident that the local franchisees and their employees share the Astros commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.”

The way I look at it, Papa John’s is Papa John’s, regardless of who owns it. I think there are pizza shop owners in H-Town who could step in. Come on, ‘Stros! Don’t disappoint us!

Over the past few MLB All Star Game festivities, the Dinger Derby has gotten a bit boring. Now that Alex Bregman is in it, I have to watch it.

The ‘Stros are number two in runs scored with 485 of course.

The series against the A’s was a letdown for sure. We need to handle business with the Tigers before the break.

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The Meltdown

‘Stro reliever Ken Giles was drafted in the 7th round by the Phillies in the 2011 MLB Draft. Who was the first overall player drafted in the 2011 MLB Draft?

Royko sent this yesterday after my take on those who had a role in bringing The Yard to Downtown Houston:

No. I would never thank them for saddling taxpayers with so much bond debt just to allow wealthy team owners skirt the tax codes.


Maybe he ought to tell the local, state and national GOP not to accept Bob McNair’s millions. Just saying.

Remember when Commentary said this yesterday:

Sigh! The Skipper needs to tell reliever Ken Giles to please grow up. The way he stormed off the mound yesterday in the ninth inning was not cool. It was an embarrassment.

They sent Giles down to Triple A yesterday. Good!

Commentary has said before that the folks who run the ‘Stros are smarter than the rest of us. They have real rings while most of us have replicas. Well, they are smarter than us most of the time. Here is from an MLB story from last night on why Giles was sent down:

When asked specifically about the verbal exchange, (Astros Manager A. J.) Hinch said: “We deal with a lot of different things behind the scenes, internally, as a team. Let’s keep it to baseball.

“I think it’s important for him to get himself right to where he’s direrecting all of his attention toward the hitter and all of his attention toward his job. He pitches with a lot of emotion. When things are going well, we love it. When things aren’t going well, we have our concerns just because of the volatility with the end-of-the-game-type stuff. When he’s good, he’s really good.”

In his third season with the Astros, Giles has surrendered 36 hits and 17 earned runs over 30 2/3 innings with 31 strikeouts in 2018. Giles, who earned a career-high 34 saves in ’17, carries a 4.99 ERA with 12 saves in 34 games this season, but he has only one save in nine appearances since June 17.

The Fresno Grizzlies, Houston’s Triple-A affiliate, will return from its All-Star break Thursday in Tacoma, Wash. While the Astros enter MLB’s All-Star break Monday, Giles will be able to pitch with Fresno during the off week, said Astros general manager and president of baseball operations Jeff Luhnow.

“Ken Giles was optioned so that he has opportunity to go work on some things that he needs to work on,” Luhnow said. “He has not had the success up here this year that he’s had in the past or that he’s capable of having. We need to keep the Astros first and foremost as our priority, winning games here. We’re engaged in a tight division race with the Mariners. The A’s are a good team. The Angels are a dangerous team. He needs to pitch. Right now, he won’t get as much as an opportunity [here].”

Luhnow echoed Hinch’s response about the demotion revolving around Giles’ emotional exit from Tuesday’s game, saying the option of the 27-year-old reliever was “a baseball decision.” Giles was acquired from the Phillies in 2015 for Mark Appel, who was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 MLB Draft, and four other players.

“As AJ said, this was a baseball decision,” Luhnow said. “I don’t know what [Giles] said. Things that are said between players or between players and staff, that’s a clubhouse issue. That’s dealt with separately. This is a baseball decision. He’s had success in certain situations, and he hasn’t been successful in other situations the way he really should be [having]. We have a plan for what he needs to work on.

“He needs innings. And it’s best that he gets those innings in Triple-A rather than here at this point.”


MLB’s Alyson Footer had the best takes. Here are from her tweets from yesterday:

Guess the Astros have had enough of Giles for a while. Effective today, the Astros have optioned RHP Ken Giles to Triple A Fresno and have recalled LHP Cionel Pérez from Double A Corpus Christi.

Relievers blow leads a few times a year. Really good relievers will cough it up several times, even. The key is how it’s handled after. The good ones brush it off and sleep well that night. They’re also the ones that pitch in the big leagues a long, long time. 

A couple of my own observations based on this Hinch clip: Giles’ outburst coming off the mound was an issue, even if it’s not being said, and Giles’ emotional state is as much of a concern as his physical performance (if not more).

Bottom line is this IMO — your team is 30 games over .500. THIRTY. You lose no more than twice a week. Stuff happens. A bad game doesn’t mean a bad season. If a blown save or blown lead simply allowing runs to a good-hitting team throws you off that much, well, that’s alarming.

I wish Luhnow wouldn’t talk down to us. It was a headcase and bad behavior decision pure and simple. A meltdown.

Gerrit Cole of course was take by the Pirates with the first overall draft pick in 2011.

Last night’s game was ugly. Well, at least I ran into two of my favorites last night at The Yard. I also picked up a replica ring.


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Unusual Walk-Off

How many walk-off wins do we have this season?

Yesterday, Commentary said this about those who helped get The Yard built Downtown:

You can thank folks like Drayton McLane, Jr., Pam Gardner, the late Mayor Bob Lanier, Mayor Lee Brown, The Dean, the late State Senator Mario Gallegos, State Rep. Carol Alvarado, Dave Walden, the original members of the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority and I’ll mention my best friend, Al Luna, who was one of the original Sports Authority Board Members, key Downtown Business leaders and the list goes on and on, and I’ll mention Mayor Bill White who brought us Discovery Green.

Dave Walden sent me this:

Thanks Marc. But without Coleman (and many others), we would have been killed in the leg even after the referendum.

Dave is right about State Rep. Garnet Coleman’s role in the legislature in 1997. I think the bill was HB 92 carried by then State Rep. Ken Brimer in the House and The Dean in the Senate. Got it?

Jerome Solomon has a column in today’s Chron Sports Section on our pro teams and their cribs. Here is the headline in the hard copy:

Houston blessed to have lease peace with its teams

Here is from the column:

There is a strong and logical argument that governments shouldn’t be involved in the stadium building and financing business, but it is too late for said debate here. Cement has already been poured on Minute Maid Park, NRG Stadium, Toyota Center and BBVA Compass Stadium.

Numerous economic studies have shown that investment in professional sports stadiums doesn’t pay off in matching jobs and economic growth, but the desire for cities to be among the haves often wins out.

To many, it is about public consumption versus smart financial investments, and the World Series parade was a proper payoff.

Here is the entire column: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/columnists/solomon/article/Houston-blessed-to-have-lease-peace-with-its-teams-13064785.php.

Commentary will just say this. Harris County voters decided on using tax dollars for the cribs. I think the voters decided it would be a good investment. So, go on ahead and debate all you want on the economic benefits.

The ‘Stros now have six walk-off wins of course.

Sigh! The Skipper needs to tell reliever Ken Giles to please grow up. The way he stormed off the mound yesterday in the ninth inning was not cool. It was an embarrassment.

I thought the walk-off win against the Padres back in April was a weird one. Last night’s was wacky for sure.  It even made the “Today” show this morning. We should not have blown the four run lead in the ninth, but that’s why it is the greatest game ever.

Replica World Series rings are being handed out to everyone who shows up tonight. At 62-32, we still have the second best record in MLB, but we are still 2 ½ behind the Red Sox.

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We Got it Right

In November of 1996, when Harris County voters voted on approving a baseball and football stadium, what was the final percentage of yes over no?

Commentary has said it before. On local public policy issues, one of the big things H-Town got it right on was the decision to build The Yard in the eastern part of Downtown H-Town. Remember how that part of Downtown looked in 1999, the year before The Yard opened. Now look at that part of Downtown on July 10, 2018.

Night and day doesn’t even come close. What would have happened if we had decided to build The Yard over at the Astrodome complex like a few folks wanted?

The decision to build The Yard Downtown is arguably the biggest factor in Downtown’s transformation over the past twenty-five years.

You can thank folks like Drayton McLane, Jr., Pam Gardner, the late Mayor Bob Lanier, Mayor Lee Brown, The Dean, the late State Senator Mario Gallegos, State Rep. Carol Alvarado, Dave Walden, the original members of the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority and I’ll mention my best friend, Al Luna, who was one of the original Sports Authority Board Members, key Downtown Business leaders and the list goes on and on, and I’ll mention Mayor Bill White who brought us Discovery Green.

I am sure I left some folks off the list.

It was great to see the ‘Stros sign a lease at The Yard through 2050. That tells me The Yard is in good shape and a very good investment.

Here is from a tweet from State Rep. Carol Alvarado yesterday:

Woo Hoo! @astros will call Minute Maid Pk home till @ least 2050! Attended the lease signing 2day. I campaigned for the referendum in 1996 w/ @MarcCommentary, Sen. Mario Gallegos, @whitmire_john Al Luna, the Lanier’s & many others. Good 2c my fav gals @cindy8000 @DrLauraMurillo

Here is the Chron article on the lease extension: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/astros/article/Astros-extend-Minute-Maid-Park-lease-through-2050-13060770.php.

Commentary was told bout this a couple or so months ago. Here is from the Chron:

A state commission has opened an investigation into the Houston Fire Department’s safety standards after the firefighters’ union accused the department of failing to protect its members from carcinogens to which they are routinely exposed.

Texas Commission on Fire Protection investigators will examine whether HFD complies with state laws requiring departments to clean protective clothing, called bunker gear, and maintain a standard operating procedure to do so.

“Houston firefighters are responding to multiple working fires a day and there is no mechanism that has been initiated to ensure firefighters do not have to wear contaminated bunker gear,” Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association President Marty Lancton wrote in a letter to the fire commission.

Six current and former Houston firefighters — four of whom are battling cancer — said the department’s gear cleaning procedures are inadequate and force members to repeatedly wear equipment that is contaminated. They say the fire department leadership has been reluctant to adopt new practices despite research establishing links between firefighting and cancer, and that City Hall repeatedly has refused to invest in firefighter safety.

HFD Chief Sam Peña said the department has procedures to keep gear clean, but he acknowledged other deficiencies the department faces.

Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/State-launches-probe-into-HFD-safety-procedures-13060778.php.

They need to fix this, like right now. Please.

Harris County voters approved the baseball and football stadiums in 1996 by a 51% to 49% margin of course.

It is Dollar Dog Night this evening at The Yard.

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Name the nine players with more than 500 career dingers in MLB who are not in the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

Commentary gets why and where GOPers are on guns, against LGBT rights, anti-Latino and folks of color, the Muslim travel ban, not wanting to adequately fund our public schools, against DREAMers, you get the picture. I don’t understand GOPers having a problem with cities banning plastic bags. The bags kill livestock and marine life and clog our waterways. Whose arse is the GOP trying to save by opposing the plastic bag ban?

On a related issue, Kroger just came out with bright yellow plastic bags. Not too smart of an idea if you ask Commentary. Now folks will be able to say “hey, check out all the Kroger bags clogging up the bayou!” Not too smart.

Mike Snyder has a piece in today’s Chron on the Mayor of Pasadena’s first year in office. Here is the headline from the online Chron story followed by the headline in the hard copy:

A year into his term, Mayor Jeff Wagner struggles to unify Pasadena after Isbell tenure


A year in, Pasadena mayor gets mixed reviews

Here is the story: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/A-year-into-his-term-Mayor-Jeff-Wagner-struggles-13055337.php.

I don’t live in Pasadena, but I have been there a few times this past year.   I think it was huge that the Mayor decided not to appeal the voting rights case. James Rodriguez is his Chief of Staff and he has a Latino police chief. What do I know?

Jake Marisnick was sent down to Triple A this past Saturday, again. If you are hitting .190 on a World Series contending team, you are not going to stick around too long. Sorry, Jake.

Barry Bonds with 762 career dingers, A-Rod with 696, Albert Pujols with 626, Sammy Sosa with 609, Mark KcGwire with 583, Rafael Palmeiro with 569, Manny Ramirez with 555, David Ortiz with 541 and Gary Sheffield with 509 of course are not in the Hall of Fame.

Every now and then I will be asked who is my favorite ‘Stro? These days I replay “I will tell who is the most fun to watch – Alex Bregman.”

Congrats to Alex Bregman for making his first MLB All Star Team.

Let me also congratulate 2018 All Stars Jose Altuve, Gerrit Cole, #SpringerDinger and Justin Verlander.

Remember when I wrote this back on June 7?

Here is where we need to make our move. We have the 4th best record in MLB and 5 ½ games behind the Red Sox, the team with the best record. We have 36 games before we reach the All Star break. 16 are roadies. 20 are at The Yard. 29 are against MLB clubs with records below .500. The other 7 are with an MLB club playing just 1 game about .500. We have to make our move as we start a 4 game series in Arlington this evening.

Since then we are 23-6. We now have the 2nd best record in MLB and 1 ½ games behind the Red Sox, the team with the best record.

The A’s are in for three.


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Trump’s GOP

According to this week’s edition of Parade, how many hot dogs will be scarfed down at MLB ballparks this season?

Let’s see. Yesterday, Donald Trump said “Putin’s fine.” He also took a shot at Prez Bush 41’s “Thousand points of light.” And apparently that’s OK with the rest of the GOP leadership. Bush 41 is a gentleman and statesman for sure.  Bush 41 is a H-Town treasure. Where is the pushback from H-Town’s GOP leadership?

Bush 41 has his library in the Lone Star State. Where is the pushback from the state’s GOP leadership?  Trump stomps on 41’s legacy and it is A-Okay with the rest of the gutless GOP leadership.   Because it is Trump’s GOP these days. Pathetic.

The EPA Administrator is a goner and according his resignation statement, it is our fault. Got it?

Commentary is certainly not an expert on flooding in the H-Town area. I will say this. Today, I don’t have confidence in anyone’s local expertise. I will say that these days it is safe to say that we can’t handle a lot of rain.

I will also say this. Do we have to have the City’s Fourth of July Festival next to the bayou? Isn’t there another location we can use? Just saying.

19 million hot dogs of course will be scarfed down at MLB ballparks this season.

Yuli came through last night in walk-off fashion. 58-31.

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‘Stros pitchers have given up 78 dingers this season, or third lowest in MLB. Name the team that has given up the most dingers this season?

To date, the protester of the year award in the USA has to go to the woman yesterday who scaled the base of the Statue of Liberty on the Fourth of July, no less. Way to go!

Nope! Commentary is talking about the hard copy headline in today’s Chron on Chron columnist Erica Grieder’s column. Here is the headline:

GOP, Democrats should have debate on border wall

According to the latest surveys, 90% of GOP voters have bought into Donald Trump’s GOP. Trump is for the wall. Sen. Ted Cruz is for the wall. GOP is for the wall. They are not going to stand up to Trump on the wall. End of story.

Grieder instead should be asking certain local GOP elected officials why have they been so silent on separating families.

Dems haven’t been silent. The only issue with Dems is some of the Dem leaders don’t get that a lot of what is happening is originating at the grass roots level.

Here is all if Erica Grieder’s column: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/columnists/grieder/article/Republicans-and-Democrats-should-have-serious-13047906.php.

Commentary prefers an election over a debate on this.

The show must go on! Commentary is talking about participating in the Lindale Park Parade yesterday in a steady downpour. The Lindale Park Parade even got some run on page A3 of today’s hard copy of the Chron. The Lindale Park Parade organizers never really gave serious consideration to cancelling the event.

Believe it or not, there were a lot of folks in rain gear or with umbrellas up and down Irvington Blvd.

State Rep. Carol Alvarado, State Sen. Sylvia Garcia, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Council Member Karla Cisneros, HISD Trustee Elizabeth Santos and former Sheriff Adrian Garcia were there front and center. Good for them!

It was lively and soggy.

It dried up considerably yesterday afternoon at the City of Baytown Fourth of July Parade. Rep. Alvarado participated, and my Dad rode with her – cool. Rep. Alvarado’s car was a couple of units behind the NRA. Commentary got to meet the new Dem JP Elect Lucia Bates who was in the unit right behind Carol.  A lot of folks attended and watched.

Cincinnati of course has given up 123 dingers to lead MLB.

We won in 10 innings last night in Arlington. Our lead over the Mariners is 1 ½ and we start an 11 game homie this evening as we host the White Sox for 4.



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It is Independence Day and our great nation has 2,000 plus Brown kids separated from their families today, so I will forego wishing you a Happy Fourth of July.

And this is what Sen. Ted Cruz said yesterday about the president-elect of Mexico:

“One of the areas that could be particularly problematic is he urged Mexicans before the election, ‘Pack up and go up north to America.’ … I’m running in the state of Texas. How would it work if I stood up and said, ‘Elect me and then get the hell out of Texas!’?” What a profound statement of giving up on your country, telling your citizens, ‘Flee our country because we’re not gonna solve the problem.'”

The president-elect of Mexico said no such thing.

Sen. Cruz went on to call for building the wall.

It is sad indeed that a U.S. Senator from Texas has to use anti-Mexico rhetoric to get reelected. That is a first, I am sure.  (John Tower never did.  Lloyd Bensten never did.  Phil Gramm, nope.  Kay Bailey Hutchison, nope.)

Sen. Cruz knows better. But he also knows he could very well lose. Heck, Beto had a packed house in Pasadena yesterday.

No MLB question today.


Stay safe on this Fourth.


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