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Three More

We host the Rangers for three this weekend. This will be the last time we play the Rangers this season. What is our record versus the Rangers this season?

I was watching on the flat screen a couple of nights ago, “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” and it got me to thinking. Who is more badass, Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne? Just asking.

Remember earlier this year when attorney Michael Avenatti came on the scene and the Michael Cohen and Donald Trump folks said they were going to eat his lunch? Avenatti has pretty much been right on most stuff. Now he has three more women ready to say they were paid off by Trump.

You know why I feel great about Dems this November? The GOP has ceded the moral authority thing. They have given Donald Trump a pass on officially lying half a dozen times a day, Stormy Daniels, being Putin’s puppet, Michael Cohen, the Russia investigation, pi__ing on our allies, separating families, and the list goes on and on and on. Now Avenatti has another bombshell and the GOP will give Trump another pass.

That’s why I don’t worry about the GOP bringing up the abolish ICE thing, the Dem socialism thing and any other stuff. They just don’t have any moral authority over Dems. Sorry, pals.

I heard Roseanne wished she had worded her racist tweet differently. Got it?

I really hate to see this. How did H-Town get to this? See these tweets:

Houston Firefighters‏ @FirefightersHOU 10h10 hours ago

Replying to @SylvesterTurner

Ohhhhhhhh Mayor Turner….. lets just quit this “charade”. Brave Houston firefighters don’t deserve this and the federally protected rights of the laboring class don’t deserve your continued attacks.
And this:

Alan Bernstein‏ @AlanBernstein 9h9 hours ago

Alan Bernstein Retweeted Houston Firefighters

Fascinating to see firefighters try to run to the left of @SylvesterTurner on labor rights, considering his pro-labor record in the Lege and at City Hall. And if this were a labor rights issue, @HPOUTX & @JoeGamaldi wouldn’t be against the proposal. #dogdonthunt #unions #labor

I guess folks are not going to get along.

We are 12-4 of course versus the Rangers this season.

We need to make up some ground as we are 4 behind the Red Sox with 58 games left to play. And yes, it is Ok to scoreboard watch.

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