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How many playoff dingers does Alex Bregman have?

See this tweet:

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Harold Cook‏ @HCookAustin 16h16 hours ago Copy link to Tweet 

next time anybody in a WH pool gets thrown out of the pool for doing their damn job the entire pool needs to drag up and refuse to go.

Nope. Donald Trump’s people would probably prefer this.

And this one:

Beto O’Rourke‏Verified account @BetoORourke 46m46 minutes ago

Just launched our first ad. Entitled “Showing Up,” it’s filmed using an iPhone and was created entirely with live stream footage from our travels to all 254 counties of Texas. Watch and RT to share.


Friday night debates? At least Sen. Ted Cruz is honest that he’s a chicken, fraidy cat and cowardly. At least he admits it. I have a bit more respect for Sen. Cruz. This is Texas and everybody knows what happens in Texas on Friday nights in the fall.

And this on yesterday’s Chron Op-Ed:

Evan 20XX‏Verified account @evan7257 23h23 hours ago

This is a pretty significant oped piece. Longtime journalist Marvin Kalb is calling on Team Bush to end their silence under the Trump administration. “Gates? Rice? Powell? The others?” @CondoleezzaRice

Nope again. Those guys are pretty gutless. Don’t count on the Bushies to stand up against Trump.

Commentary was watching with dismay yesterday the H-Town City Council meeting on the firefighters’ petitions. Commentary isn’t fully briefed on the latest but if the issue on parity is on the ballot this November, it looks like the H-Town Mayor is going to oppose it. We would then witness a ninety day epic battle pitting the Mayor against the firefighters. I don’t know about that.

I need to go back and check if we have ever gone through something like this. It certainly is not looking good.

Here is from the Chron:

The mayor left the door open during Wednesday’s discussion to suggestions that the item could go before voters in November 2019 rather than this fall, but acknowledged afterward he suspects the council will decide to hold the vote this year.

Not a good idea to delay an election. You don’t want this to stew for another year. Trust me.

Here is Mike Morris’ latest: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/houston/article/Houston-City-Council-to-discuss-firefighter-pay-13105925.php.

Alex Bregman of course had 2 dingers in the 2017 ALDS and another 2 in the World Series.

We are back to 4 ½ behind the Red Sox and have today off


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