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Tough Talk

Some sad news.  See this tweet:

Alyson Footer‏ @alysonfooter 7h7 hours ago


We lost a good friend today. Former Astros clubhouse manager Dennis Liborio passed away after years of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He was one of a kind. I’ll miss him.

I met Dennis a couple of times and know some folks who were close to him. He was a real nice guy. So sad.

There is a Chron front page story about GOP State Sen. Paul Bettencourt not very happy with local governments calling special elections this summer.

Here is what he says: “It is preposterously bad public policy to spend taxpayer money to hold special elections in the dog days of summer that almost always have a low voter turnout.”

Here is how Harris County Judge Ed Emmett responded: “People who live in Senator Bettencourt’s Senate district were affected by the flooding. He should be doing more to help them instead of worrying about election dates.”

Tough talk. Too bad he won’t say anything about the fella who is separating families.

Speaking of, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick will not debate his Dem opponent.  This move will likely come back to bite him on his arse.  Same goes for local GOPers.  The climate is different and folks are paying attention.   They are not looking to support cowards.  Just saying.

Go check out today’s Chron E-Board take. They want the City of H-Town to take over the MLK Day Parade, kind of like the City runs the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I don’t know about that. Should the City be doing this? I don’t know.

Royko sent me this on my take on Dems yesterday:

We want Mad Maxine and Al Green to continue screeching “Impeach 45.”

I am Ok with that.

I am purposely not providing links today to newspapers to kind of suggest folks need to subscribe. It is our duty. You saw what happened in New York yesterday.

The ‘Stros get back at it today at Coors.


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